5 Date Ideas to Try This Month (That Aren’t Dinner and a Movie)

Bowling. TV bingeing. The standard 7 p.m. dinner reservation. If any of these sound familiar, it might be time to switch up your Saturday night. This month, we’re challenging you and your partner to think outside the box when it comes to date night. Below, our five favorite ideas for the month of February that won’t make your eyes roll, brought to you by KORBEL. 

homemade pizza

Have A Pizza-making Contest

Whether the two of you whip up homemade pasta every Sunday or insist on ordering take-out, switch things up by having a pizza-making contest. This allows for not only friendly competition but also an opportunity to spend quality time together in a different capacity. Arm yourselves with all the necessary ingredients (the more toppings, the better) and determine whose is the most professional looking—aka the roundest. Winner gets to choose the next show to binge.

homemade sunday brunch
Styling: Lauren Epstein/Photo: Tyler Fairbank

Host Your Own Sunday Brunch

Rather than changing out of your flannel PJs to head to your usual brunch spot (is winter over yet?), host your own at home. Pull out all the stops by properly setting the table and cooking up fancy dishes like quiche with sweet potato crust or pumpkin pie stuffed French toast. Enjoy with a Ruby Rose cocktail made with KORBEL—the official sponsor of brunch (*wink, wink*).

trivia questions

Put Your Trivia Skills To The Test

Trust us, nothing will test your relationship more than trying to agree on how many bones are in the human body. In addition to finding out which one of you knows more about anatomy (don’t worry, we know it’s you), you’ll be able to test your patience and teamwork. Psst, it’s 206.

ceramics class
mapodile/Getty Images

Visit A Ceramic Studio

First, you each pick a piece you’d love to have in your home. A candy dish, perhaps? But instead of painting it yourself, swap with your partner and let them decorate it based on what they think you’d like. At the end, switch back and admire each other’s handiwork. Now your little candy stash will have much more meaning behind it.

couples yoga
PeopleImages/Getty Images

Take A Workout Class Together

Get your endorphins flowing by exercising together. Better your balance with a double downward dog or sign up for a pumped-up boxing class. Complete your class by hitting the sauna together or getting a couples massage to wind down.


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