6 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’

The Christmas Chronicles 2 has arrived on Netflix, which means we finally have an excuse to sit back and allow Kurt Russell (Santa) and Goldie Hawn (Mrs. Claus) to get us in the holiday spirit.

In honor of the highly anticipated sequel, we sat down for an interview with the franchise’s star Darby Camp (Kate Pierce), who shared exclusive behind-the-scenes details about the holiday flick. From the cast to the animated elves, here are six things you (probably) didn’t know about The Christmas Chronicles 2.

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1. The Sequel Is Way 'bigger' Than The First

While comparing the two movies, Camp admitted that The Christmas Chronicles 2 has far “more adventure to it.”

“There are two things happening: with Jack [Jahzir Bruno] helping Mrs. Claus and then me helping to save Christmas,” she explained. “And the sets on the second one are a lot bigger.”

As for the story line, Camp also revealed that Kate has “grown up” since the first movie. “She’s now a teenager, and she’s more self-centered than she is in the first one, not really thinking about her family,” she said. “It’s cool to watch her grow as a person throughout the movies.”

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2. Kurt & Goldie Are The Ringleaders Of The Cast

Camp confirmed that Russell and Hawn are just as approachable in real life. “Working with Mr. Kurt & Mrs. Goldie was just so magical,” she said. “They’re such bright people and everywhere they go, they just light up the room. And every time they look at each other, you can tell that they’re so in love with each other.”

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3. The North Pole Language Was Created By A 'game Of Thrones' Writer

That’s right, Camp revealed that the language featured in the film (AKA Elvish) was created by a GoT alum. “They actually got the guy who wrote a language for Game of Thrones. It’s a real language you can learn, and I thought that was so interesting and so cool,” she explained. “It’s very hard to learn, actually. Each word is very significant with the sounds—it’s very hard. But it was also a fun and cool experience.”

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4. The Cast Never Met The Elves

In the movie, Kate regularly interacts with Santa’s elves. While discussing her experience on set, Camp explained that she never actually got to meet the characters, since they were later added using CGI technology.

Camp admitted that it wasn’t easy “acting to nothing,” but she’s pleased with the finished product. “And then when you look back or watch the film when it’s finished, it’s like, ‘Wow, there was nothing there,’” she continued.

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5. Darby Camp Did (most Of) Her Own Stunts

We won’t give away any spoilers, but The Christmas Chronicles 2 features tons of action. Camp admitted that she did most of her own stunts (with a few exceptions). “I did most of my stunts—not all of them, because I couldn’t get hurt. But I did as much as I could,” she said.

The actress went on to say that she hopes to experience more stunt work in the future, adding, “I love doing stunts. It's one of my favorite parts, being on a harness and then the wire.”

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6. There Might Be A 'christmas Chronicles 3'

Although Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement, Camp confirmed that she’s hopeful about returning for another movie. “I would be interested in doing a third one,” she said. “I would love to get to work with everybody again.”

She continued, “If we get a third one, I would really love to see [Kate] actually drive the sleigh on her own. I noticed in the first and the second one that Kate never got to drive the sleigh. She’s ridden in the sleigh, but she’s never gotten to drive the sleigh—like actually hold the reins and go, ‘On Dasher! On Dancer!’”

The Christmas Chronicles 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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