You Can Now Enjoy a Virtual Tour of Buckingham Palace (& Pretend You’re Queen Elizabeth Herself)

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If you’re sick of watching Love Is Blind, scrolling through Instagram and playing board games, then consider something a little more stimulating while self-distancing at home today.

Ever dreamed of perusing through Buckingham Palace? Well now you can, thanks to the royal family’s virtual tour of Queen Elizabeth’s humble abode.

The tour, which can be found on the royal family’s website, kicks off in the throne room, naturally. Viewers can zoom in and out to really get the scope of the space, as well as click on little information buttons to learn more about important items. For instance, did you know the thrones are actually called the chairs of estate and are carved from gilded beachwood and embossed with the ciphers ‘EIIR’ for Her Majesty and ‘P’ for Prince Philip? That’s just one of the many exciting royal facts you’ll learn on the tour.

From there, we continue to the grand staircase and the white drawing-room. Sadly, the entire palace isn’t accessible for virtual tours, but something is better than nothing. And, there’s so much to digest in these three spaces that it’ll definitely keep you entertained.

So what should you expect? Lots of gold and red (they are royal hues, after all) and significant family heirlooms like the early 20th-century portrait of Queen Alexandra hanging above the fireplace in the white drawing room or the Oath of the Horatti clock, which was acquired by George IV in 1809, in the throne room. 

If you’ve already binged The Crown and are going stir crazy without royal engagements to keep you busy, give the tour a whirl. We bet you’ll feel just like QEII herself.

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