Meet Billie Eilish’s Boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce

Seven-time Grammy Award winner Billie Eilish is on a roll. Aside from making history as one of the show’s youngest artists, the 20-year-old also earned a Golden Globe, two Brit Awards and an MTV Video Music Award in the past year alone. Not to mention, she also received her first-ever Oscar nomination for Best Original Song in addition to seven nominations at this year’s Grammy Awards.

But as much as we enjoy following her dazzling career, we’re curious to learn more about her personal life. For starters, who is Billie Eilish’s boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce? And how long have they been together? Here’s what we know about their rumored relationship.

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1. Who Is Billie Eilish’s Boyfriend?

Since the “Lovely” singer is notoriously private about her love life, Eilish hasn’t publicly confirmed that she’s seeing anyone. However, she’s now rumored to be in a relationship with Matthew Tyler Vorce.

In case you’re unfamiliar with his work, Vorce is an actor slash writer, who has appeared in titles like Return Home, Dark Hours: Typee and Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? He also co-hosts an investigative podcast called Searching for Putty Man, which explores the origins of the Los Angeles legend.

2. When Did They Start Dating?

The pair reportedly started dating early in 2021. The first sighting took place in April, when they were seen getting cozy with each other in Santa Barbara, California.

Then, according to Page Six, the couple were photographed together in October at Doja Cat’s costume birthday party in Los Angeles. Both Vorce and Eilish sported matching red lobster costumes, and one source told the publication that they were “inseparable, sharing kisses.”

The insider added, “They kept close to each other the whole night and never left each other’s side.” Sounds like Cupid did a number on these two.

3. Was Vorce Involved In A Scandal?

In June 2021, Eilish's fans caught wind of a few offensive and racist remarks that Vorce published on his Facebook page a few years ago. And in response, he shared a lengthy apology on his Instagram Stories.

According to People, he wrote, “I want to apologize for the things that I wrote on social media in the past. The language I used was hurtful and irresponsible and I understand how offensive those words are. Whether it was a lyric, a quote, or just me being dumb, it does not matter. I am ashamed and deeply sorry that I used them in any context.”

He continued, “I am so sorry for the hurt I have caused. I take full responsibility and continue to hold myself accountable for my actions.”

4. Did Eilish Bring Vorce On Tour With Her?

She certainly did. At least, according to one source who spoke to Hollywood Life.

The source told the outlet, “She was on the fence about this because she thought that he might get bored or that it would not be fun for him to tag along with her and watch her do the same show over and over.”

However, Eilish had a change of heart after she realized that keeping him around would reduce her stress. The source continued, “He is always extremely polite around her people, and he stays out of the way. He lets Billie always have the spotlight and the two of them are a good match for each other. They complement each other well, and she is very content with her relationship being private. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, Billie gets to come home to someone who cares deeply for her and who she loves very much.”

5. Are They Ig Official?

While they’re both active on Instagram, they aren’t IG official. But don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

When she appeared on Capital Breakfast, Eilish told Roman Kemp that she intends to keep her romantic affairs out of the spotlight. She said, “I’ve had relationships and kept them private, and even the ones that I’ve had, with the tiny amount that I’ve let the world see, I regret. I think about the people that have made their relationships public and then they break up and it’s like, ‘What if it goes bad?’”

Something tells us that they’re in it for the long haul.

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