Billie Eilish Debuts Dramatic New Hairstyle & Color—& She Looks Completely Different

Billie Eilish is bidding farewell to her signature neon-green hair and opting for a brand-new look.

The 19-year-old singer recently debuted a bright blonde shag haircut on Instagram and, naturally, her followers are totally freaking out over the hair transformation. In her first post, the Grammy winner shared a brief clip of herself doing a hair flip while on set. She captioned it, "did you guess correctly?"

In the comments, MTV's official account wrote, "THIS IS A POP CULTURE EMERGENCY." Actress Skai Jackson also said, "Omggg I love it." Storm Reid chimed in, "Obsessed."

Luckily, fans also caught a second glimpse of the new 'do, which gives us nostalgic '80s vibes. In a follow-up post, Eilish shared a mirror selfie, which has more than 17 million likes. She captioned it, "pinch me."

The bold change comes shortly after the singer teased in her Instagram Story that she'd be changing her hair color. On Tuesday, Eilish posted, "Can you guess what color?"

Though she didn't explicitly mention her hair, fans immediately understood what she meant—especially since she'd spoken out against people making fun of her hair back in December. "I'm changing it after the doc comes out," she teased on her IG story, referring to her Apple TV+ documentary, Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry. "It will be the end of an era. I'm going to give you a new era."

Clearly, she kept that promise—and managed to prove that she can pull off nearly any hair color.

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