This Chris Farley Movie Just Hit Netflix's Top 10 List (24 Years After Its Release)

A new title just made its way to Netflix's top ten list, and it's not your usual crime thriller or action heist drama. No, this time, it's a martial arts comedy from 1997.

Introducing Beverly Hills Ninja (yes, you read that correctly), which is currently the tenth most-watched movie on the streaming platform. It comes as a bit of a surprise, considering its negative reviews from several critics. Film critic James Berardinelli called it "lackluster and unfunny" while Dennis Dugan labeled it "the world's least ept ninja." However, it's worth noting that the comedy film still debuted at the top of the box-office chart during its initial release.

Beverly Hills Ninja follows a clan of Japanese ninjas who stumble upon a young orphaned boy named Haru (Chris Farley). They decide to take Haru in and train him to become a skilled ninja. However, as he grows older, these lessons do very little to improve his clumsiness and lack of skill. Even so, Haru is sent on a new mission to protect a woman named Sally in Beverly Hills—and naturally, "hilarity" ensues.

In addition to Farley, Beverly Hills Ninja stars Nicollette Sheridan, Nathaniel Parker, Chris Rock, Soon-Tek Oh and Robin Shou. The movie was directed by Dennis Dugan while Bradley Jenkel, Brad Krevoy, Steven Stabler and Mitch Klebanoff served as producers.

Considering its outlandish, slapstick humor, a part of us can (sort of) see why so many consider this one a guilty pleasure movie.

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