The Best Nickelodeon Shows You Can Stream Now, from ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ to ‘Rugrats’

Where would we all be without Clarissa Darling’s wisdom, Jimmy Neutron’s fascinating adventures and Doug Funnie’s special bond with Patti Mayonnaise? These unique and iconic shows practically defined our childhood, including a number of themes that almost any kid could relate to. (And of course, we have no shame in admitting that we still enjoy watching them as adults.) Fortunately, Paramount+ offers an extensive library of these Nickelodeon classics, from Hey Arnold and All That to iCarly. Read on for 20 of the best Nickelodeon shows you can stream right now.

8 ’90s Cartoons You Can Stream Right This Second

1. ‘kenan & Kel’

We could never grow tired of Kenan’s (Kenan Thompson) over-the-top schemes or Kel’s (Kel Mitchell) unhealthy obsession with orange soda. Created as a spin-off of All That, Kenan & Kel follows the misadventures of these BFFs in Chicago, where Kenan constantly tries to to get rich with the assistance of his accident-prone friend.

2. ‘all That’

Think Saturday Night Live, but for a younger audience. Kenan Thompson, Jamie Lynn Spears, Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, and more starred in a variety of fun sketches, from “Ask Ashley” and “Miss Piddlin” and “Good Burger” (which led to the big-screen spin-off named, you guessed it, Good Burger). The variety show also inspired a few more Nickelodeon shows on this list.

3. ‘icarly’

When Carly Shay’s (Miranda Cosgrove) internet series “iCarly” becomes a major hit, she enlists the help of her two best friends, Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress), to help her create content and navigate her newfound success.

4. ‘drake & Josh’

Teenage step brothers Drake (Drake Bell) and Josh (Josh Peck) become unlikely BFFs as they deal with high school and embark on quite a few adventures. Not to mention, they also have to put up with Drake’s mischievous little sister, who not-so-affectionately calls them “boobs.”

5. ‘rugrats’

In the words of Tommy (voiced by E. G. Daily), “a baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do.” See the world through the eyes of this brave little toddler and his friends as they deal with their mysterious big surroundings and, unfortunately, Angelica’s (Cheryl Chase) short temper.

6. ‘the Amanda Show’

Meet the All That spin-off that inspired Drake & Josh: The Amanda Show. Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, Nancy Sullivan and Josh Peck all starred in this sketch comedy series, and some of the most popular sketches include spoofs of real-life shows, from “Judge Trudy" to “So You Want to Win Five Dollars.”

7. ‘ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide’

Ned Bigby walked so literally every middle school kid could run. From award crushes and smelly classmates to April Fool’s day pranks, Ned (Devon Werkheiser) went through all the highs and lows as he tried to survive the struggles of middle school, making the rest of us feel a little less alone as we suffered similar situations in school.

8. ‘victorious’

Sixteen-year-old Tori (Victoria Justice) gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a last-minute favor for her sister lands her a spot in a prestigious performing arts high school. Initially, she finds it challenging to fit in with the other students, but things start to look up after she bonds with a colorful group of friends.

9. ‘spongebob Squarepants’

It’s one of the few shows that can pull off having the silliest storyline, yet still resonate with any age group. Join the quirky and loveable SpongeBob (voiced by Tom Kenny and Ido Mosseri), his starfish best friend, Patrick (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke), and the rest of their pals as they embark on random adventures under the sea.

10. ‘the Fairly Oddparents’

Timmy Turner (Tara Strong), a 10-year-old who has to deal with a cruel babysitter, is granted two magical fairy godparents, who have the power to grant him any of his wishes. While some of them make his life easier, others lead to utter chaos, but his trusty godparents are always there to guide him along the way.

11. ‘zoey 101’

Things are still uncertain with regards to an official Zoey 101 reboot, but that reimagined version of “Follow Me” was enough to get fans talking. If you’ve also been patiently awaiting updates about a potential remake, relive the original series with Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) and the gang in Malibu.

12. ‘are You Afraid Of The Dark?’

Who could forget the pitch-black woods, the eerie campfires and those nightmare-worthy stories? Join the members of the Midnight Society as they gather round the fire to tell tales that will keep anyone on the edge of their seat.

13. ‘the Wild Thornberrys’

The show certainly helped us develop a deeper appreciation of animals and different cultures, but we especially loved Eliza (voiced by Lacey Chabert), the wild and free-spirited soul who can communicate with different creatures. Get some insight on wildlife with Eliza and her family as they document their journey.

14. ‘the Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius’

If there’s one thing we admire about this 11-year-old, it’s his determination. Set in Retroville, Texas, Jimmy (Debi Derryberry), a scientific genius, has several adventures with his best friends using his latest inventions—although things don’t always go according to plan.

15. ‘doug’

The coming-of-age series brilliantly captures the awkwardness of adolescence, but does so in such a fun and light-hearted way. When Doug Funnie (Billy West) moves to Bluffington, he shares his everyday experiences through journal entries, opening up about school, his friendships, his biggest crush, and his unfortunate run-ins with the school bully.

16. ‘clarissa Explains It All’

Like the title suggests, Clarissa (Melissa Joan Hart) truly does explain it all, complete with the best sarcastic jokes. From sibling rivalry and boys to training bras and stubborn acne, we can’t thank Clarissa enough for giving us the 411 on all the things we were so curious about.

17. ‘hey Arnold!’

It’s impossible to think of this show without hearing Helga (voiced by Francesca Marie Smith) yell, “Move it, Football Head!” The series follows nine-year-old Arnold (through the years, it was voiced by Toran Caudell; Phillip Van Dyke; Spencer Klein; Alex D. Linz and Mason Vale Cotton), who faces more than enough challenges while living with his eccentric grandparents in the fictional city of Hillwood.

18. ‘danny Phantom’

The action-packed series follows a teen named Danny Fenton (voiced by David Kaufman), a young teen who’s given the ability to sense ghosts due to an accident in his parents’ lab. Now, with the newfound ability to transform into a human-ghost hybrid (known as “Danny Phantom”), Danny has to tackle high school and protect his town from ghost attacks.

19. ‘avatar: The Last Airbender’

The incredible storytelling, complex young characters and jaw-dropping fight sequences definitely make this show stand out. It depicts the journey of 12-year-old Aang, the Avatar who has the ability to manipulate all four elements (water, earth, fire and air). He and his friends work together to defeat the Fire Nation as they try to conquer the world.

20. ‘catdog’

Two conjoined brothers, one a cat, the other a dog, have opposite personalities and struggle to manage their unique situation. While Cat is more reserved and enjoys the sophisticated things in life, Dog is more carefree and perfectly content with chasing garbage trucks. Naturally, chaos ensues as each brother tries to embark on his own adventure.

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