All the Best Celebrity ‘Barbie’ Memes (And Yes, We Included That Gwyneth One)

Still from 'Barbie.'
Warner Bros.

C'mon Barbie, let's go...selfie?

Greta Gerwig's upcoming Barbie film has been on everyone's mind with the arrival of a colorful, full-length trailer, and a collection of casting posters that have had the internet abuzz.

But while we're still recovering from the fact that our favorite Sex Education stars, SNL alums and more are gonna be living it up in Barbieland this July, we also haven't stopped playing around with the new Selfie Generator, which allows fans to transform their photos into their own personalized Barbie movie posters.

Now, we won't be sharing our own photo ops here, but we *did* find some of the best fan-made memes that have been circulating the internet. We have a feeling we'll be seeing these Barbie posters for some time—so here are all our faves.

1. Zooey Deschanel and the Rest of the New Girl Cast

Who's that girl? It's Barbie Jess and all her New Girl friends.

Kaavia Wade.
Chelsea Union/Instagram

2. Kaavia James Union Wade

From “shady baby” to Barbie.

3. Nathan Fielder

We would always take business advice from this Barbie.

4. Jeremy Strong

This Barbie wants to be boss.

5. Jennifer Coolidge

They should open a White Lotus in Barbieland.

6. M3GAN

Something about this doll seems different...

7. Elizabeth Olsen

This Barbie loves vintage TV references.

8. Corey Stoll

Did this Barbie transport from the Quantum Realm?

9. Brett Goldstein

Let's hope curse words are allowed in Barbieland.

10. Pedro Pascal

We'd trust this Barbie to guide us to safety in a global pandemic.

11. Christina Ricci

This Barbie would do anything to solve a local case (and make a few friends along the way).

12. Florence Pugh

Sometimes Barbies should cancel their vacations.

13. Penn Badgley

You can't keep a secret from this Barbie.

14. Trixie Mattel

I mean she's already got Mattel in her last name, so.

15. Rihanna

You think they already got Rihanna's 7th album in Barbieland?

16. Lady Gaga

This Barbie is entering her Harley Quinn era.

17. Ariana DeBose

We'd kill to see Barbie open with this musical performance.

18. Michelle Yeoh

This one simply makes us happy.

19. Cate Blanchett

We're still not convinced this Barbie isn't a real composer.

20. Miley Cyrus

This Barbie has got the best of both worlds. We wonder if she buys herself flowers with plastic cash?

21. Bill Hader

Barbies can always have more than one career path.

22. Gwyneth Paltrow

She'll take her $1 and buy something cute and pink with it.

23. Gabriel Basso

This Barbie's coming back for season 2.

24. Adam Scott

Two sides of the same Barbie.

25. Nicki Minaj

Oh, and the one whose fans call themselves Barbs.

26. Annie Mumolo

And of course, we have to end with a Barb.

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