This Shocking True Crime Series About a Deceitful Doctor Has Become the New #1 Show on Netflix

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What's one thing Netflix users love? True crime documentaries. If you need any proof, just take a look at Netflix's list of most-watched TV shows, where the new true crime docuseries, Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife, has quickly risen into the top spot, dethroning Squid Game: The Challenge as the number-one show on the streaming site.

Bad Surgeon tells the story of Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, a world-renowned surgeon who was believed to have mastered a method for trachea transplants using patients’ own stem cells.

However, Dr. Macchiarini quickly came under fire when seven of his eight patients died following these experimental surgeries, and it was discovered that the doctor had forged some of his credentials and lied about aspects of his research.

Now, the story of Dr. Macchiarini's lies is being told through his former paramour, NBC news producer Benita Alexander, who fell for the surgeon before realizing he had crafted an artificial facade.

Alexander celebrated the show's success on her personal Instagram account, where she wrote, “Huge thanks for tuning in and flooding my inbox with love and support. Each message filled with encouragement and support means the world! If you haven’t joined the binge-watch party, head over to Netflix now!”

All three episodes of Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife are available to stream now on Netflix, and each installment runs about an hour long. If you want to learn more about Alexander and Dr. Macchiarini’s relationship, you can also check out this Vanity Fair article from 2016 that details the entire juicy story.

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