I’ve Watched ‘The Bachelorette’ for 17 Seasons & I’ve Never Seen a Breakup as Raw or Dramatic as Last Night’s

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

As a longtime Bachelorette fan, I thought I had seen it all when it came to televised heartbreak. However, I’ve never seen a breakup as raw as the one Greg pulled on Katie Thurston.

In last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Thurston travels to the hometowns of her final four contestants. At one point, Greg confesses his feelings for Thurston, dropping the L-bomb before revealing that she fills a void in his heart. During the conversation, Thurston is completely distracted (or so it seems), because she completely glosses over his emotional confession, saying, “I just love looking at you.”

Her aloofness doesn’t sit right with Greg, who confronts Thurston the next day about her lack of interest in what he has to say. The result is one of the rawest breakups I’ve ever seen on the dating franchise. (The only ones that come close are when Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke up with Becca Kufrin to pursue Lauren Burnham, followed by Peter Weber calling off his engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss. But both were on The Bachelor, not The Bachelorette.)

To recap the video, Greg begins by sharing his frustration, saying, “When I expressed that I do love you, I felt like I was telling that to a stranger.” When Thurston blames her silence on the other contestants, Greg says, “I understand there’s other guys here. You didn’t even acknowledge what I said to you. You completely mowed over it, and it scared the hell out of me.”

He continues, “I deserve more than what I’ve been given on your side. I’m not happy here anymore… I’m done here.”

So, what will happen next? Based on my experience, there are two possible outcomes.

First, Thurston could pull a Clare Crawley and quit in the middle of the season to pursue (or fix?) her relationship with Greg. The only reason I don’t think this will happen is because Thurston is determined to please America. And after seeing the backlash Crawley received in season 16, I don’t see her making a rash decision that denies her the “happily ever after” she’s been craving.

For this reason, I think Thurston is going to leave Greg in the past and continue with her remaining contestants: Blake and Justin. I know, it seems unlikely given Thurston’s feelings for Greg.

However, she’s dead set—yes, dead set—on getting engaged at the end of this. Thurston keeps saying things like, “This whole thing was for nothing if you leave.” It happened with Michael A. and then again with Greg. She always manages to pull herself together and focus on the task at hand: to make it to the finale with those who are willing to wait out the journey.

If Thurston can somehow convince Greg to rejoin the show, I have no doubt that she would choose him in the finale. But if he’s as upset as he appears, then Thurston might be out of options.

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