This HBO Max Series Is the Must-Watch Dark Comedy You’ve Never Heard of

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what’s new to Netflix lately. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been paying attention to what the other streaming services have to offer. In fact, we’re currently setting our focus on one of HBO Max’s recently added series, Arthur’s Law.

The German-language dark comedy (so you may or may not need subtitles), which has won multiple awards including a Rockie Award as “best non-English comedy series,” officially became available on the streaming platform this week. And we’re already eager to start bingeing.

Keep reading for everything we know.

The show’s official synopsis reads, “In the comedy, an unemployed Arthur Ahnepol ekes out a bleak existence. Drawn from the strains of his unhappy marriage and bored to death, he makes a morbid plan: he wants his obnoxious wife to die. With the money from the life insurance, there’s no obstacle for a restart with his beloved mistress. But an unwritten law dominates the life of the unlucky fellow: every problem solved by Arthur has a far worse effect. And so, he sets off an avalanche of disastrous events.”

According to a press release, Arthur’s Law is featured in a new International genre page on HBO Max alongside a curated selection of international programming from all around the world. Directed by Christian Zübertt and written by Benjamin Gutsche, the series stars Jan Josef Liefers, Martina Gedeck, Nora Tschirner, Ronald Kukulies, Cristina do Rego and Robert Gallinowski. 

You had us at “dark comedy.”

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