This Brand-New Movie Has Been #1 on HBO Max for a Week (& It’s a Total Must-Watch)

class action park hbo max

If you’re hoping to shake up your streaming queue with a mind-blowing tale, look no further than HBO Max’s latest addition, Class Action Park.

The brand-new documentary premiered last week and is already receiving critical acclaim and achieving widespread popularity. (It’s been the number one ranked movie since it debuted on the streaming service. NBD.)

Class Action Park explores the infamous story of New Jersey’s now-defunct water park. Action Park was a hot spot for teenagers throughout the ’80s and ’90s, but it became notorious due to its terrifying reputation.

Not only is it dubbed the most dangerous water park to ever exist, but it also inspired several other nicknames. For example, The Tidal Pool was widely known as “The Grave Pool.”

The tourist spot remained in operation for several years, despite countless reports of head injuries, broken bones and even fatalities. The documentary explores never-before-seen documents, recordings and interviews with people who witnessed the trauma firsthand, so prepare for a wild ride. (Pun intended.)

According to HBO Max’s official statement, “Class Action Park offers viewers the safest way to visit one of the most dangerous water parks to ever exist (and perhaps the only way to visit any water park this summer, as social distancing efforts continue into fall).”

Action Park, here we come (well, sorta).

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