5 Things You Should Know About Anna Maiche (AKA Cassie in ‘Tiny Pretty Things’)

*Warning: Minor spoilers ahead*

After watching Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things, we couldn’t resist sitting down for an exclusive interview with Anna Maiche, who plays Cassie Shore. The actress shared rare details about her experience on set (including behind-the-scenes secrets) and addressed renewal rumors. *Sniff, sniff* Is that Tiny Pretty Things season two we smell?

Here, five things you should know about Anna Maiche.

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Heather Koepp/Courtesy of Anna Maiche

1. She stars as Cassie Shore in Tiny Pretty Things

You probably recognize Maiche from Tiny Pretty Things. She plays Cassie, a star dancer who suffers a tragic accident in the first episode that leaves her in a coma. While discussing her character, Maiche revealed that she was initially intrigued by Cassie’s determination.

“I think it was my character’s dedication,” she told PureWow. “She’s been through the ringer, and she wakes up and the one thing on her mind is getting back on top. Maybe she goes about it in ways that I wouldn’t, but I find it extremely admirable that she just jumps right back on the horse.”

2. She was the last person to join the cast

Although Cassie is a critical character, Maiche was the last person to join the cast. “I was the last one to be cast, but before I was cast, the rest of them were already in Toronto training and rehearsing,” she said.

When asked about her co-stars, Maiche revealed that she was intimidated at first simply because they had already developed relationships with one another. “When I got there, everyone had already formed this friendship,” she explained. “I was scared, and I was away from home. But luckily our cast is super accepting and friendly and fun to be around, so they just took me under their wing. It was an easy transition.”

3. She’s a real ballerina

Yes, you read that correctly. Maiche trained at the National Ballet of Cuba before moving to the United States at age 13. She explained that every actor on Tiny Pretty Things has some sort of dance background. “Most of the time it’s doubles doing that,” she said. “But for us, every actor is also a dancer and a really good one.”

While Tiny Pretty Things is extremely dramatized, Maiche admitted that ballet schools are extremely cutthroat. “They’re very, very competitive,” she said. “From my experience in a ballet school, it’s maybe not so much in-your-face—that was added into the show just for the drama of it—but it is really cutthroat, and people can be very brutal.”

She continued, “I had a teacher who got a role over her friend and the day of the show, she put on her Pointe shoes and her friend had slipped glass into the box of her Pointe shoes. She went up on stage and the glass shattered into her toes.”

4. But she requested a stunt double for one scene

Although she’s a real ballerina, Maiche used a stunt double named Mia in the opening shot of Tiny Pretty Things. “I felt pretty out of shape, and I was really scared to dance on that ledge, so Mia was brave enough to do it,” she said. “She does a great job.”

5. She’s all in for Tiny Pretty Things season two

Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Tiny Pretty Things for season two. However, Maiche admitted that she’s hopeful about the possibility. “I mean, I hope we get to,” she said. “The story definitely needs a season two, because with that ending, we need some answers.”

As for the season two story line, Maiche revealed that it will likely explore Cassie’s journey to recovery. “When she wakes up, it’s the first thing on her mind. But I wouldn’t call it crazy revenge—she’s just trying to get her spot back,” she said. “Obviously, with an injury like hers, it is going to take a lot of work and someone has already taken her place at school. I doubt it’ll be easy, but I’m excited to see what she’s got planned.”

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