This Intense Wilderness Survival Reality Series Is Now the #2 Show on Netflix

Another day, another indeterminate amount of time spent browsing through content on Netflix. Lucky for us, the streaming platform keeps a list of their most-watched titles, and one series in particular, titled Alone, immediately caught our eye.

The competition reality TV show, which centers around survivalists who are trying to stay alive in extreme locations and conditions around the world, just had its eighth season uploaded to Netflix, and it has now climbed into the number-two spot on the streaming site's list of most-watched shows.

Netflix’s official synopsis reads, “Equipped with limited resources, an isolated group of individuals is subjected to the harsh conditions of the wilderness and must survive—or tap out.” Oh, and the winner gets $500,000. Think of it as a Survivor meets Man vs. Wild.

And based on the trailer, things get pretty intense.

It’s important to note that the series began back in 2015 on the History Channel and still continues to produce new seasons today. Unfortunately, only season eight is available for streaming on Netflix. The reality competition is filmed in Canada in some of the harshest terrains in the world. What we love most is that each episode is only about 44 minutes, so they are super easy to binge. 

Even before the series gained popularity on the streaming service, it received rave reviews from viewers online. In fact, Rotten Tomatoes lists the audience score as an impressive 87 percent. 

So, while there are only 12 episodes currently streaming, we have a feeling there might be more to come in the future (especially since the show is still airing on TV). 

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