Alicia Silverstone Shares Vid of Lookalike Son Bear Just Days After ‘Clueless’ Reunion

Alicia Silverstone has a twin we didn't know about—and it happens to be her son, Bear.

Earlier this month, the actress shared a rare vid of Bear (aka her lookalike) on Instagram. In the video, Silverstone's son is making a nighttime snack—and it's healthier than any snack we made as a kid.

Silverstone captioned the post, “I found Bear making this before bed snack. Tomatoes I had picked from the garden…. marinated artichoke hearts, and he drizzled balsamic and olive oil onto his avocado. is this normal?! Such a foodie.”

This post came on the heels of another notable set of videos where Clueless stars Stacey Dash and Silverstone reunited and stepped back into their iconic characters with a few famous lines from the movie. (And how could we miss this moment?!)

In the Tiktok, while dressed in regular attire, Silverstone tries to recreate Cher’s worried smirk and asks her former co-star, “Would you call me selfish?” to which Dash aka Dionne replies, “No, not to your face.”

They then start dancing to a remixed version of the song “What’s Luv,” which features another one of Dionne’s iconic lines, “Well, there goes your social life.” And what makes the moment even better is Dash's note on top of the video: “Forever Cher & Dionne BFFs.” (We. Can’t. Take. It.)

Dash even posted a fun BTS video, which takes fans into the making of the first video and we really get a chance to see the longtime friends have a good time with each other.

This is not the first time one of the Clueless stars has reenacted a moment from the film. Last year, Silverstone filmed a TikTok video (with the help of her son, Bear) and they both created an iconic scene from the movie. In the short video, the actress dons Cher’s legendary yellow blazer and uses an audio snippet directly from the film. “Ugh! As if... I wouldn’t join TikTok,” she says.


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