Alicia Silverstone & Her Son Legit Look Like Twins in This IG Photo

Alicia Silverstone's son, Bear Blu, is starting to look more like a clone of his mom, and we've got the pic to prove it.

On Instagram, the Clueless alum shared a scenic photo of herself and her mini-me as they hiked up Flattop Mountain, and their uncanny resemblance is making us do a serious double take. Silverstone captioned the pic, "I love this photo! It's from this last summer when we visited our friends in Alaska while hiking Flattop Mountain Trail! What an adventure we had!"

In the pic, the mother-son duo are standing on the trail, bearing matching smiles. One fan wrote, "Wow he is your twin!" Another commented, "He is the male version of Alicia."

Anyone who keeps up with Silverstone's feed knows that the pair's twinning tendencies are nothing new. In fact, just a few days ago, the 45-year-old mom shared a sweep snap of herself and Bear embracing in their pool. She wrote, "Thankful for this big boy and all of the memories we made together this year!"

The actress celebrated Bear's 10th birthday in May 2021 and shared a touching tribute video, complete with throwback footage of their best memories. The caption read, "My baby turns 10 years old today! Just thinking about all of the amazing, beautiful memories we’ve had together as I’ve watched him grow up. Bear is so kind and curious. Full of life and joy and good vibes. By far my favorite person to walk through the world with. Thoughtful, empathetic, loving, and darn right adorable."

Looking forward to plenty more twinning moments in the future.

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