Alicia Silverstone Shared a Rare Pic of Her Son's Long Hair (Along With a Must-Read Caption)

Alicia Silverstone's son, Bear Blu, is proud of his super-long locks—and we can totally see why.

The Clueless actress shared a few rare pics of her nine-year-old boy, beginning with a shot of Bear's big messy bun. In the caption, she explained that while he was teased by other kids for having longer hair, it hasn't fazed him at all.

She wrote, "I just love him so much! Great Sunday hanging with my little baby.. Well, I guess he’s not so little anymore! We went for a swim and now we’re getting ready to make some dinner! Also I just LOVE his hair in this image, I had to grab a quick pic."

She continued, "One time my son was made fun of by other kids because of his hair on a bus ride to surf camp. After he had returned and told me, I thought he would want to cut it for a haircut appointment we had already scheduled the next day, but when we showed up, he said 'please give me a trim so I can grow it to my waist.' That’s my boy! He knows who he is. He loves his hair and chooses to have it long. Mama and Papa aren’t going to stop him from being him. He’s beautiful and we love his hair!"

The post features a shot of Bear with his wet hair after a swim. Then, it shows a series of famous men who successfully rocked long hair, including a much younger Brad Pitt with shoulder-length blond tresses. The post inspired other moms to share their own stories in the comments, proving that this experience is all too common among families who challenge gender norms. One fan wrote, "My 10 year old is CONSTANTLY getting made fun of for his long hair. He never ever lets it bother him. Your boy is absolutely stunning."

Towards the end of her caption, Silverstone explained that she values giving her son the freedom to express himself without having to worry about cultural norms. She said, "We would never impose any social ideas about what hair on a boy or girl should look like. We should all try to embrace our children and who they choose to be without any judgement! Plus there are so many very handsome men who have long hair Brad Pitt… Harry Styles…. Jason Momoa… even Jesus... all long hair! Just sayin.. [heart emoji] #family #love."

Bear Blu must be feeling so lucky to have such a thoughtful mom!

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