Get to Know Adam Scott’s Wife, Naomi Scott

Major congrats are in order for Severance star Adam Scott, who landed his first Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Although he’s been captivating audiences as Mark in the sci-fi series, Scott has been dominating the Hollywood scene for decades, having appeared in projects like Knocked Up, Step Brothers, The Good Place and, of course, Parks and Recreation. Not to mention, he has multiple podcasts with fellow actor Scott Aukerman. But Scott’s career isn’t the only thing that’s thriving these days.

The same can be said for his relationship with his wife, Naomi Scott, whom he has gushed about on multiple occasions. But how long have they been together? And how did they meet? Keep reading for answers.

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1. Who is Adam Scott’s wife?

According to IMDB, Scott’s wife, Naomi Scott (formerly Naomi Sablan), is a producer and writer who has worked on titles like The Overnight, Other People, Ghosted and The Greatest Event in Television History. Naomi landed her first producing gig in 2005, when she worked on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And like her husband, she has some acting experience. You may recognize her from Sadie J or Kissing Jessica Stein.

2. How did Scott and his wife meet?

The couple first met in 1998, when they were both in their early 20s, according to Vulture. At the time, Scott was doing a few acting roles and Naomi was producing Internet content, but when they got introduced at a Sunset Boulevard bar, they didn’t exactly hit it off.

Adam revealed that “Naomi left promptly” after the brief interaction, and the producer explained that she was turned off by the fact that he was an actor. But fortunately, she had a change of heart after she saw the comedian work his magic on stage.

3. When did the couple get married?

After seven years of dating, Naomi and Adam said “I do” in 2005. The details of the ceremony haven’t been made public, but the Severance star did open up to Page Six about the secret to his happy marriage. He told the outlet, “I found that just looking at an iPhone while my wife was talking to me is not a good strategy. Just put it in a drawer and spend time together.”

Apparently, his method worked, because it’s been more than 15 years, and the pair are still going strong. Back in May, he told Us Weekly, “I just love [Naomi]. I think she’s the coolest, the smartest, the funniest and the most beautiful. It’s pretty simple. So, I just hope that she still likes me most of the time. It’s worked out and I’m really, really lucky, but I just can’t imagine anything else.” 

4. Have they worked together?

They sure have. In 2012, the couple launched their own production company, called Gettin’ Rad Productions, which focuses on comedy content. And so far, their most notable works include the Adult Swim series, The Greatest Event in Television History, and their first feature film, The Overnight.

By 2014, the duo inked a deal with Universal Television. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Bela Bajaria (executive vice president) said, “We love Adam’s work as Ben Wyatt in our beloved Parks and Recreation, and we are excited that his and Naomi’s passion to produce will continue with us at Universal TV. We look forward to making some very interesting and successful new TV shows with their company.”

As of now, the couple has multiple projects in the works, including Quitman 10 + 2, It's Not You and Gross Girls.

5. Do they have kids?

Adam and his wife share two children: a 13-year-old daughter named Frankie and a 15-year-old son named Graham. And apparently, they’re huge fans of their dad’s show, Severance. Adam told Us Weekly, “Severance has really connected with them. They love it. It’s the first time they’ve ever been interested at all in something I’ve done, at least that they’ve admitted to me.”

He continued, “I can’t imagine that they’re keeping a secret that they’re secretly fascinated by my work and not telling me about it. But they really do love it. I think they just never wanna watch anything I’m in because they get enough of me at home.”

The proud dad also described them as “incredibly smart, hilarious, caring people,” and it has a lot to do with their mom. In honor of Mother’s Day last year, Adam wrote on Instagram, “Tough to put into words how lucky I am to have a partner as brilliant, hilarious & beautiful as @nfscott. I marvel at what an incredible mother she is—and the kind, smart, caring people our kids are as a result. She’s been holding down the fort for months as I attempt to parent by zoom—and deserves a year of Mother’s Days.”

If you ask us, this power couple deserves an award for setting such a great example.