This Zac Efron Movie Is Currently #2 on Netflix

When it comes to Zac Efron, we don’t mess around. So when we saw that one of his movies just became one of the most-watched films on Netflix, we couldn’t say we were surprised.

Called 17 Again, the flick pulled a Mile 22 and became the #2 film on Netflix’s list of most popular movies. In addition, the film is currently ranked at #5 overall on the platform’s top movies and TV shows combined. (It’s currently ranked behind Liam Neeson’s Unknown and ahead of Death to 2020 and The Queens Gambit.)

Originally released back in 2009, 17 Again not only has a star-studded cast but it also gained some decent reviews from critics (a 56% on Rotten Tomatoes) in addition to rave reviews from viewers (96% from Google users).

Watch the full trailer below.

In short, the film tells the story of Mike O'Donnell, a middle-aged man who is unhappy with the current state of his life and is constantly reminiscing about his days as a high school basketball star (before he “threw it all away” to marry his first love and raise their child). However, he randomly gets a chance to rewrite his story when he tries to save a janitor near a bridge and jumps after him into a time vortex, thus becoming (you guessed it) 17 again. But in trying to fix his past, Mike may be jeopardizing his present and future.

In addition to Efron, the film also stars Matthew Perry (Friends), Leslie Mann (This Is 40), Thomas Lennon (I Love You, Man), Tyler Steelman (Cougar Town), Sterling Knight (Sonny with a Chance), Michelle Trachtenberg (Gossip Girl) and Melora Hardin (The Office). 

Spoiler alert: We’ve already watched it twice. 

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