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“It’s only a few snowflakes,” they said. “You won’t even notice the wind,” they said. And yet, every day of winter, we walk outside with a fresh face of makeup only to become a windburned, chapped, streaky mess by the time we get to where we’re going. Here, five tips to keep your makeup exactly where you want it, all season long.

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winter tips primer

Use Primer to Set Foundation

Through freezing wind, flurrying snow and ice-cold sleet, our faces take the brunt of winter weather. One way to keep your foundation where it should be: Apply a coat of primer before doing your face, in order to set makeup and keep everything from budging.

MAC ($31)

winter tips mascara

Use Tubing Mascara to Avoid Raccoon Eyes

When you get hit hard by gusts of wind and sideways snow, you’ll need a mascara that’s not going to be halfway down your cheeks by the time you reach the front door. Enter: tubing mascara. Instead of containing oils or waxy pigments, this type uses special polymers that wrap around each lash and bind tightly all day long. 

Blinc ($26)

winter tips concealer

Use a Color-Correcting Concealer on Red Spots

From October to February, double up on color-correcting concealer on the tip of your nose or corners of your mouth (or any other area that tends to turn bright pink). May we recommend a green-tinted one to help offset redness?

Urban Decay ($35)

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winter tips lip balm

Use a Super-Hydrating Lip Balm

Dry, cracked lips don’t have to be a seasonal staple, thanks to emollient-rich balms that protect your pout from windburn and dry air. This moisture-rich version can be worn underneath your everyday lipstick for an added watertight barrier, or as a topcoat to add a bit of sheen to your favorite color.

Clinique ($17)

winter tips mask

Re-Hydrate Skin with a Sheet Mask

After spending a day (or even just a couple hours) in the brutally dry winter air or skin-parching central heat, your face will be thirsting. Moisten that baby back up with a soothing face mask at least once a week.

Laneige ($31)

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