How Purple Makeup Primer Can Change Your Face for the Better

And green. And pink. And orange.

If you’ve noticed that your concealer just isn’t cutting it lately--or that your T-zone is inexplicably three shades darker than the rest of your face--a little color correcting can help you even things out. We know: It’s daunting to even think about adding another step to your routine, but hear us out. A teensy amount of primer can save you from having to load up on foundation later. Here’s a quick lesson in color theory.

For dullness
Had a terrible night of sleep? It sucks the life out of your skin. Add a drop or two of pink primer to your foundation and smooth it onto your face to impart the kind of glow you’d get if, you know, you actually slept enough to begin with.

For sallow skin
Had a terrible week of sleep? It’s time to take it up a notch. A lavender primer will help neutralize any of those yellow tones that are making you look like the walking dead while adding a little color to your face. Apply it to the center of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose and on your chin to shed some light.

For redness
We’re talking zits, blotchiness, broken blood vessels or rosacea. If you have any (or all) of the above, a green primer will make your life easier. Tap on a light layer to cancel out any unwanted redness so you have a more even canvas for the rest of your makeup. 

For under-eye circles or dark spots
If you’re on the fair side, a peach primer will soften any rogue brown spots and shadows, making them a breeze to conceal afterward. If you’re on the darker side, try an orange or red instead.


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