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This Top Derm Says You Should Never Exfoliate Your Lips

Chapped lips? Use a scrub—or at least that’s what we’ve always done until Dr. Dennis Gross (who is arguably one of most respected derms in the industry) told us that we actually shouldn’t exfoliate our lips

Wait, why? Lip skin is extremely thin (approximately one third of the thickness of the skin on your face). It also lacks sebaceous glands, which are critical for maintaining moisture. When you exfoliate your lips, you remove the protective outer layer of skin, leaving them even more compromised and dry 

So what should I do about these darn flakes? In order to heal chapped lips, you need to repair the barrier by using a nourishing treatment instead. Look for something with sodium hyaluronate, which holds 1,000 times its weight in water (and penetrates easily) to help smooth things over. 

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