What the Dupe! We Compared This $33 Brightening Undereye Corrector with an $11 Knock-Off

Beauty dupes are everywhere. The question is: How do they compare to the originals?

PureWow just launched the first episode of its all-new YouTube series, What the Dupe, where Creator Matthew compares beloved beauty products to their viral dupes. Matthew began with brightening undereye corrector and selected two brands at different price points—Becca ($33) and Milani ($11).

In the episode (see above), Matthew explains that he’s judging each product based on four factors: application, coverage, finish and longevity. To get an accurate comparison, he applies one product to each side of his face. Here’s what he had to say.

“A little does go a long way with the Becca one, I will say,” Matthew says. “And this is a really small container.”

He also notes the consistency, adding, “It’s a little sticky, but that doesn’t bother me. But I do notice that it did brighten my under eye pretty well. It doesn’t feel super lightweight though.”

Compared to Becca, Matthew is surprised by how effortless it feels. “This one feels much more lightweight,” he says. “I applied the same amount of product to both sides, and I’m thinking they look the exact same.”

After adding another layer of both products, Matthew adds, “[The Milani] one is looking more pink than this one, so this is definitely for more fair tones.”

Watch the full episode above to see which product lasted the longest and to hear Matthew’s opinion on whether the dupe lives up to the hype.

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