We Tried Three Weird Beauty Gadgets from TikTok—Here’s What We Thought

Have you ever been scrolling through your TikTok page and come across a beauty product that made you ask a million questions? Yeah, we’ve definitely been there.

On this week’s episode of PureWow’s new Youtube series, Testing TikTok, content creator Kate Kesselman tested out and reviewed weird beauty products that have been flooding our feeds. Like seriously, how are these products even a thing? Keep scrolling for an honest review. 

1. Fruit Face Mask

Though the face mask was quite tasty, Kate also found the process of making the fruity product super satisfying. “If I had this in middle school, I would have been a cooler kid,” she jokingly admitted.

Caution! Kate does recommend letting the mask cool before applying it to the face. When she applied the mask to her face, she certainly understood the hype. “If you’re really into face masks, this would be a really cool product to have,” Kate explained.

2. Silkworm Cocoons

Now, we know what you’re thinking. What in the world is this?! You’re not alone. To give a quick rundown, silkworm cocoons are simply composed of silkworm fibers, which are used to mildly exfoliate the skin. The final verdict? The product has definitely received Kate’s (face) stamp of approval. “I’m really curious to continue to use these and see how my skin reacts,” she said.

3. Magnetic Lashes and Applicator

Going for a night out and want to apply some lashes to elevate your glam look? Magnetic lashes and the applicator have been everywhere on TikTok. So, Kate decided to take them out for a spin. While trying to apply the lashes, Kate detailed how difficult it was to get them on. “I was trying my hardest to keep my eyes open,” she said. 

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