Ayurvedic Beauty Is Trending, but What Exactly Is It? (And What Are the Best Products to Shop?)

To call Ayurvedic beauty “trendy” is perhaps incorrect since it’s been around for literally thousands of years. However, it’s true that many Ayurvedic practices (and products) have been gaining popularity recently. Dry brushing, oil pulling or even the simple act of drinking hot lemon water in the mornings all borrow from Ayurvedic traditions. 

So, What Exactly Is Ayurvedic Beauty?

Shrankhla Holecek, a long-time Ayurvedic expert and founder of UMA Oils defines it as such: “Ayurvedic beauty—and Ayurveda in general—is a lifestyle. It’s an integrated approach that emphasizes the interconnectivity of the mind, body and environment to deliver the results you’re looking for externally."

As Martha Soffer, an Ayurvedic specialist and founder of Surya Spa, explains, “Ayurvedic practices began 10,000 years ago with yogis. While those yogis might not have had beauty as their main goal, beauty is a natural side effect of achieving balance and health. That’s Ayurveda’s real purpose: to cool us down when we’re emotionally or physically overheated, to calm us down when we’re overloaded, or to energize us when we’ve become too lethargic. In this way, Ayurveda helps us prevent disease and puts us back in our natural state of health and vitality and skin care is part of that holistic system.”

And Why Is There A Growing Interest In Ayurvedic Beauty Right Now?

“How many of us feel the urgency to respond to an email on our phones within minutes of receiving it?” asks Holecek. “The demands on our time and attention have grown exponentially in recent years and, as a result, we’re spending less time checking in with ourselves. There is a simplicity in Ayurvedic beauty that fosters a sense of ritual, peace and pleasure in this oft frantic world. It delivers results that go far beyond just glowing skin and vibrant hair. I believe the products themselves can serve as a gateway to a deeper connection with Ayurveda’s healing principles, and even oneself, over time.” 

What Makes Ayurvedic Beauty Different?

“What differentiates Ayurvedic beauty is that it takes a holistic approach,” says Holecek. 

“In Ayurveda, inner beauty is the source of outer beauty, which requires inner care. This means being more mindful of what we eat and what we put in and, on our bodies,” agrees Soffer. On that note, “true Ayurvedic skin-care products come from ancient recipes and simply cannot have modern toxins in them. From face oil to cream, we only use ingredients like herbs, nourishing oils, essential oils, blends of collagens and milks– all-natural products of the earth.”

Though achieving balance requires much more than slathering on an oil, as Holecek noted, it’s a gateway or easy starting point. And with that, we present our five favorite Ayurvedic products.

ayurvedic beauty surya healing ayurvedic bath soaks
Surya Spa

Surya Healing Ayurvedic Bath Soaks

Each beautifully adorned container holds a blend of healing herbs and Epsom salts to ease fatigued muscles (and minds). Choose from four different baths to address your specific needs of the moment. Some standouts? The Vata Calming Soak, which has lavender flowers and ashwagandha to help you relax into a deep sleep and the Muscle Relief Soak, which employs calendula and arnica flowers to reduce inflammation and pain while you soak in your tub.

Buy It ($35)

ayurvedic beauty uma oils absolute anti aging body oil

Uma Oils Absolute Anti-aging Body Oil

After you emerge from the tub, we’d highly recommend massaging some of this glow-inducing oil over your limbs. With a silky base of pomegranate, moringa and grapeseed oils and the mood boosting scent of sandalwood, rose and neroli, it’s a sensorial treat in every way.

ayurvedic beauty ranavat botanics mighty majesty hair serum
Credo Beauty

Ranavat Botanics Mighty Majesty Hair Serum

Fans of jasmine (and, um, shiny hair) will love this hydrating serum. A small pump on just washed strands will ensure a smoother finish and less frizz as your hair dries—or you could use it on dry ends and flyaways for added polish.

ayurvedic beauty sundari chamomile eye oil

Sundari Chamomile Eye Oil

Using your ring finger, gently tap a drop of this oil underneath your eyes (and finish by massaging the excess over your temples). The calming chamomile and avocado oil blend absorbs quickly and leaves the delicate skin around your eyes softer and smoother.

Buy It ($49)

ayurvedic beauty taila skincare muhka botanical cleanser
Taila Skincare

Taila Skincare Muhka Botanical Cleanser

This lavish cleansing oil makes the mundane task of washing our faces downright enjoyable. Massage it over dry skin in upward circular motions to melt away any makeup. Then, add water to create a milky lather that cleanses your skin without stripping it dry. 

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