5 Secrets of Women Who Never Look Sweaty

Alongside accidentally tucking your skirt into your underwear or realizing midway through the day that your pants are 96 percent see through, pit stains can really throw a wrench in your day—I’ll just keep my arms down and no one will notice. But let’s get practical. Here, five tips and tricks from women who never look sweaty.

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how to not look sweaty deodorant
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They Use Deodorant The Right Way

Did you know that there’s a right time to apply deodorant? Yep, there is. And it’s probably not when you’re applying it. It’s more effective to apply deodorant at night before bed. Reason being, when your skin is dry, it allows the antiperspirant to get into your pores and prevent future sweating.

how to not look sweaty stop chafing
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They Get Ahead Of Chafing

Real talk: Chafing sucks. And while it’s not publically visible like a shiny forehead or pit stains, it might force your face into a perpetual wince or make you walk funny. Take a lesson from a one Amy Schumer, who so graciously posted an Instagram video of a really simple way to prevent chafing using something every sweaty girl has in her arsenal.

how to not look sweaty choose the right clothes

They Choose Their Clothes Wisely

In terms of fabric, it behooves you to know which ones exacerbate sweating. Steer clear of things like polyester and acrylic and stick to lightweight cotton or anything moisture-wicking. Yes, this means you might spend a little more, but in the long run it’s totally worth it. In terms of color, if you know that you’re a sweater and don’t want your perspiration to be painfully obvious, stick to darker colors like black and navy, which will make it way less noticeable that you’re dripping.

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how to not look sweaty wear less makeup
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They Don't Overdo It On Makeup

Ask a woman who sweats a lot how often she contours and her response will be less of an actual answer and more of a laugh in your face. See, when you sweat a lot and wear makeup, you usually end up looking like a sad clown who got caught in a rainstorm. If you’re a sweater, stick to light, minimal makeup that won’t be obvious if you start perspiring. Maybe opt for a really light foundation or tinted moisturizer (always with SPF, of course) and the most waterproof mascara you can get your hands on.

They're Always Ready To Wipe Up Sweat

We’re talking blotting papers (like the ones pictured above from Boscia), napkins grabbed from Starbucks and even coffee filters. When you feel your face getting especially shiny, whip one of these babies out of your bag and solve (or at least ameliorate) the problem in no time.

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