Got Hair That's Both Oily and Dry? Here's How to Deal with It

We’ve all heard about combination skin (where certain parts of your face are oily while others are dry), but what about combination hair? It’s the same idea, but in this case, it’s referring to greasy roots and parched ends. If this describes your daily struggle, here’s how to get things back to normal. 

Ditch Your Clarifying (and Volumizing) Shampoos
Many of them contain strong detergents that strip away oils. This might seem like a good idea to address limp roots, but it can seriously dehydrate the rest of your hair. A gentle shampoo (aka one that's less drying) is all you really need to get your hair clean.  

Try a Pre-Shampoo Treatment
Once a week, use a pre-shampoo mask. L’Oréal has a kaolin-clay mask that absorbs oil from the scalp—and thanks to its thicker consistency, won’t drip down and dry out the ends. Before showering, apply the treatment to your roots, leave it on for five minutes, and shampoo as you normally would. 

Switch Up Your Technique
Instead of lathering up your entire head, shampoo only the roots and let it rinse through the ends. OK, now reverse the order for your conditioner. Start at the ends, work toward the mid-lengths, and skip the roots altogether. 

Discover the Magic of Lightweight Oils
Applying a little oil on the ends can help seal the cuticle and add some shine. If you’re nervous about it being too greasy, look for one with jojoba oil or avocado oil (which are lighter and absorb quickly into your hair).

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