TikTok Users are Mixing Their Chapstick with Their Eyeshadow (And They May Actually Be on to Something

Another day, another TikTok beauty hack. This one involves your humble tube of Chapstick (or any lip balm, for that matter) and your eyeshadow palette.

We love the simplicity of it, too. All you do is swipe the lip balm directly on top of your eyeshadow to pick up some pigment before gliding it across your eyelids. Balm meets shadow; balmy shadow meets lids. That’s it.

As you can see, mixing the two products together intensifies the color, makes the application smoother and gives your lids a nice shine.

While the concept of using a liquid or another emollient to manipulate powder cosmetics (like eyeshadow and blush) isn’t new and in fact, brands like NYX and MAC carry their own “mixing mediums” for precisely this purpose, we see the appeal of being able to get the job done with something you already own.

As far as DIY beauty trends go, we’d say this is one of the more harmless ones to try. (Please don’t tattoo freckles onto your own faces, guys.)

The only note of caution we’d give is to steer clear of lip balms that have a minty tingle or a heavy fragrance to them, as you could end up irritating the skin around your eyes. Your best bet is a clear, plain as can be, unscented lip balm.

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