Why Is My Hair Thinning and What Can I Do About It?

For anyone who has ever gone through sudden or significant hair loss, you know what an emotional and isolating experience it can be. For most of my life, it was a topic I gave very little thought to (and in fact, my hair was always so thick and unruly that I often wished I had less of it to "deal with" growing up).

In 2017, that all changed. After receiving a life-altering diagnosis, I found myself losing clumps of hair in a matter of weeks. As my part widened and my ponytail thinned, I felt panicked and overwhelmingly lost. I felt like I had zero control over what was happening, but as a beauty editor, I also realized that I had access to the very people and products that could help. So I started seeking some answers.

I learned a lot through that process, and as painful as it was at the time, it’s something I always knew I had to share with you guys once I felt ready.

Losing your hair can feel like a loss of your identity. Whatever the cause or however severe the case, I hope this episode brings you some comfort in knowing that you have options (should you want them) and that you are never alone in this. 

Watch now, and if you have any questions that we didn’t address in the video or simply want to share what’s worked (and what hasn’t), I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

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Beauty Director

Jenny Jin is PureWow’s Beauty Director and is currently based in Los Angeles. Since beginning her journalism career at Real Simple magazine, she has become a human encyclopedia of...