We ‘Got Ready’ with a Pro Makeup Artist and Learned Way More Than We Expected

Let’s do a quick poll right now: Who here knows what "GWRM" means? I, for one, had no idea until I met Christen Dominique, a beauty queen (and OG) of YouTube who broke things down for me.

GRWM stands for "Get Ready with Me," and can loosely be described as something between a vlog and a tutorial. A quick search of "GRWM" will yield thousands of videos that take you through a person’s daily routine—be it how they get dressed or how they apply their makeup.   

In this second episode of "The Glow Up," I got ready with Christen in an effort to up my makeup game (which hasn’t really changed since my early 20s). In walking me through her personal routine, she taught me (finally) how to contour in a way that’s believable and not so over-the-top. I also learned the importance of using "transition shades" on your eyes. And somewhere in between all of the buffing and blending, I learned about Christen’s journey from makeup artist and mom to YouTube star and founder of her own best-selling beauty brand, Dominique Cosmetics.

After falling down the rabbit hole of GRWM videos over the past several weeks, it’s easy to see why they’ve become increasingly popular. There is something so inherently interesting about watching someone get ready (especially when they’re as skilled a makeup artist as Christen is). 

It gives you a window into their daily life. It pulls back the curtain a bit. It provides access—in an accessible way. And in the case of this episode, it was a way to break the ice and proverbial bread with someone I just met.

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