What Makes a Facial Worth the Money? We Investigate

Celebrities flock to facialists before the Oscars and Emmys, brides head in for treatments in the weeks (and sometimes months) leading up to their wedding day, and for the rest of us, well, we bill it as an act of self-care. But as anyone who has ever gotten a facial knows: They aren’t exactly cheap and the experience itself can vary widely depending on who’s touching your face.

As for the options? Good God, there are so many options. Microdermabrasion, high-frequency, oxygen-this and hyaluronic acid that, Gua Sha and buccal: If these words make little to no sense to you, you’re not alone.

So how on earth are you supposed to choose which one to spend your money on? And do they really make a difference in your skin?

In our inaugural episode of our new YouTube series, "The Glow Up," we explore the world of facials: the differences between them, what to expect, what works and what doesn’t. We tap two top aestheticians who practice two very different kinds of facials so you can see up close the many facets of a treatment. Riveted? Watch now and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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