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Real talk: If you’re a lady of a certain stature, you’ve probably got a few pictures in which you’re not feeling your, um, most delicate. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a fact of life that in group photos, non-petite people get the short end of the stick. Here, a few confidence-boosting tips to keep in mind before the cameras flash.

1. Head to the back.
Pretty standard, but with multiple people, you’ll want to position yourself as far away from the camera as possible. This creates the illusion that everyone in the shot is a similar height.

2. Avoid tilting in from the side.
The middle is your friend. By surrounding yourself with people on either side, you’ll naturally feel confident enough to hold court and stand tall, not hunched over (like all the pics from your lanky teen years).

3. Lean into the camera.
Photo tip: Push your head forward and tilt it down a bit. This will make your face the focus of the shot, not your body.

4. Give the photographer a leg up.
If at all possible, try not to be taller than the person taking the photo, which could add even more height to your frame. For planned portraits, request that he or she stand on an apple box or step stool to make the angle work in your favor.

5. Just embrace it.
You’re a leggy lady, and that’s awesome. A surefire way to look awkward in a photo is to feel awkward, so let go of any hang-ups and just pretend you’re a contestant on America's Next Top Model. You can smize your way to photographic perfection. 

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