How to Get Summer-Ready Legs in 3 Weeks (No Squats Required)

Warm weather calls for cute linen shorts, breezy dresses…and ideally, toned, sleek legs. Here’s how a few easy daily tweaks to your usual self-care regimen (relax, we’re just talking massage and some strategic product applications) will make you feel great about baring (nearly) all. In as little as three weeks, you’ll see a difference.

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Relax Into A Spa Leg Detox

You’ve got to slough off the dead skin to expose the healthy glowing legs beneath. That’s what the Detox ONE Self Body Therapy treatment does at the ONE Spa at Shutters on the Beach: A therapist slathers you with an exfoliating body peel, then follows that with a hot wrap in Italian sea algae that, when we did it, made our thigh dimples less visible. We took home some of the tingly leg gel that ended the treatment, since it made our legs not only look smoother, but feel like they’d had a nap.

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Wake Up With Hot Lemon Water

Instead of your morning cup of coffee, drink lemon water as your eye-opener—just squeeze half a lemon into hot water and down the hatch. The acid in the citrus acts as a detox, and the vitamin C aids in supporting your skin’s collagen (which keeps your skin taut instead of droopy). All we know is, after two weeks of starting the day with lemon, the appearance of our cellulite was reduced by half.

Even Your Skin Tone With A No-stress Self-tanner

Know how most self-tanners seem to not work at all right away, so you apply more…only to wind up discovering you’ve painted yourself with too-dark streaks? Isle of Paradise Tanning Water has discovered a solution—every time you step out of the shower, you dry off, swipe on your favorite moisturizer, then spritz some of the water onto your hands and rub into your legs. It’s subtle and cumulative, so your legs seem to naturally be getting darker. Also, it comes in three formulations to address your concerns: The peach reverses dullness, the green calms redness and the violet remedies sallow tones. And—wait for it—there’s zero transfer to fabrics so you can get dressed right away.


Tough-love Your Legs With Fascia Blasting

Truth: It’s not all creams and hot water. There’s a bit of discomfort in getting legs into shape, but it really pays off. Fascia blasting is an anti-cellulite regimen in which you mash a pronged wand into your well-oiled skin, purportedly breaking up the fat underneath the skin. In the immediate aftermath, you’re left with legs polka-dotted with bruises...but after just two weeks of three-times-weekly sessions, by the time the bruising faded, so had our dimpled skin.

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Get Gleaming Skin With Seaweed Oil

Malibu-based skin-care company Osea is all about clean beauty, so it’s no wonder that its Undaria Algae Oil is stimulating and effective. Just rub it in post-bathing—or before you dash out the door with exposed legs—and this firming aromatherapy oil makes you look well-groomed. (P.S. Don’t be put off by the scent connotations of “seaweed oil,” since citrus and cypress essential oils make for a delicious aroma.)

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