I Soaked My Face in Perrier for Clearer Pores, and Heres What Happened

Nose strips, facial peels and giant exfoliating Q-tips: I have tried many things in the pursuit of clearer pores throughout the years. So when I heard that our friends in Korea (aka the skin-care mecca) were using mineral water as a DIY facial treatment (the carbonation is supposed to gently cleanse without being too harsh or irritating), you bet I promptly uncapped the bottle of Perrier I had chilling in the fridge. 

Though the interwebs informed me of the many, slightly varied iterations for how to go about doing this (some combined sparkling and mineral water; others used mineral and tap water—and what's the different between those anyways?!), I chose based on what I already had available. Enter: the aforementioned bottle of Perrier, which is a sparkling mineral water. Two birds, one stone; I'm sold. 

The instructions are pretty straightforward: Pour equal parts Perrier and tap water into a bowl. (Skip any flavors; you want the plain, original stuff here.) Next, take a deep breath before submerging your face into the bubbly concoction for 10 to 15 seconds. Pat dry and follow with your normal skin-care regimen.

After a month of weekly Perrier plunges, I wouldn't go so far as to say that my blackheads have disappeared (this, I’m finding, is much like trying to get rid of cellulite: a futile attempt). However, I will concede that my skin looks a tad brighter and feels baby soft afterward. Still, I think I'll save this for special occasions only (or a really hot day) because honestly, I'd rather drink Perrier than soak my face with it.

On that note: If dunking your head into water gives you flashbacks of near-death experiences in the kiddie pool, you can just soak a few cotton rounds and dab them directly onto your skin. (On second thought, I should have just done that all along.)

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