Are Paume's Overnight Hydration Gloves Really Necessary? I Put Them to the Test

Glowing hands have never been easier

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Most of us are willing to try just about anything if it promises luminous skin. If there's anything I've learned from dabbling in highly coveted products, however, it's not every viral product is totally necessary. In some cases, you can get the job done without spending ample funds. (Take the Dyson Airwrap ($599) and the Shark FlexStyle ($349), for example; I found the less expensive option to be just as effective).

So, while I was skeptical that Paume's best-selling Overnight Hydration gloves ($14) and Probiotic hand balm ($24) would be better than, say, an $18 Glossier hand cream that I know works, I had to put them to the test to see if they really restored chapped hands after a tough winter and iffy spring. The results? Softer, glowing hands just in time for summer.

As a matter of fact, I would say that for $38 (when purchased together) they're one of the easiest remedies for dry, cracked and overworked hands, and their restorative probiotic-rich formula gets all the credit.

Wait, What are Paume Overnight Hydration Gloves?

The Paume Overnight Hydration glove set is a tool designed to help treat dry, chapped hands. When combined with the brand's Probiotic hand balm featuring five essential oils (lemon, orange, rosemary, lavender and cedar), they're meant to deliver long-lasting hydration, and also include probiotic and plant-active ingredients which claim to improve skin tone, elasticity and texture.

Here's how it works: first, you apply a generous amount of the balm. Then you wear the organic cotton gloves overnight to lock in all the ingredients and to reveal luminous hands and healthier-looking nails in the morning. But is that really the case? And most importantly, are the gloves comfy enough to wear all night? Here’s what one shopping editor has to say about ‘em…


My Honest Review

Listen, I'm the girl who slathers on twice as much hand cream as necessary to avoid dryness in all the cracks and crevices. And while that usually gets the job done, the Paume overnight treatment worked so much better—really! Just one caveat…I didn’t actually wear them overnight.

Here’s the deal: I am simply not a fan of wearing gloves to sleep. Just call me a hot sleeper, but when I attempted to wear these puppies for the first time overnight, it wasn't a breeze. Instead, I found that it worked better for me to wear them while watching a few episodes of Jane the Virgin on Netflix. The good news? Within only two to three hours, my hands went from dry to glowy.

And if you're wondering how your hands will feel on the inside of the glove, let me just say it's almost like the experience of a jacuzzi. It's a bit moist and a little hot, but it feels pretty nice. Even better is how great your hands look and smell after the fact. Think: the perfect balance of lavender and rosemary for a signature scent you'll quickly get used to. And a little bit goes a long way. In other words, just one treatment eliminated dryness altogether, significantly reducing the amount of daily hand cream I use for weeks at a time.

So, Are the Paume Overnight Hydration Gloves Really Necessary?

I mean, necessary is a strong word, but in my opinion, the Paume Overnight Hydration gloves (combined with the probiotic balm) are a great option if you struggle with dry hands. It's up to you to wear them overnight, but we've found that it restores our hands in as little as two hours, which means you can have glowing hands after watching one movie. And as far as how long they'll stay hydrated, you can keep using the balm (just a tiny amount) to keep your hands in tip-top shape, which is way easier than going through tubes of cream.

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