6 Ways to Own Your Paleness This Summer

Glowing, sun-kissed, goddess-like: These, unfortunately, are words that have never been used to describe our complexion. (Pale, alabaster and ghost-like on the other hand…) And while we used to be self-conscious about our lack of color, we’ve come to embrace our porcelain skin. Here’s how to own your paleness this summer.

pale summer beauty tips hats

Wear More Hats

Accessorizing is fun, but it’s also necessary if you burn easily. A giant floppy hat not only protects your face and scalp from the sun; it also makes you look super-glam (and sort of mysterious). Same goes for massive sunnies.

pale summer beauty tips lipstick

Try A Bright Lipstick

Pale skin offers the perfect backdrop for a bold lip. (Um, hello Gwen Stefani.) Opt for a shade that demands attention—like a vibrant red or coral—which really pops against fairer complexions.

pale summer beauty tips blush

Find The Right Blush

While peaches and corals can read a bit orange on fair folks, soft pinks give you a perfect glow (since the color is closest to your natural flush). Stick to rosier hues and sheer pastels as opposed to bright pinks, so you don’t veer into ’80s territory.

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pale summer beauty tips sunscreen

Use The Right Sunscreen

Whether you’re going to be outside for two minutes or two hours, you should always (we repeat, always) have sunscreen on—which is why you need to find something that you really like and won’t mind reapplying. If you ask us, La Roche-Posay and Shiseido are two of the best around for face and body, respectively. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips straight from the American Cancer Society. Taking a few extra minutes to find the right SPF is worth not getting burned—trust us.


Wear Protective Swimwear

We’re not going to tell you that you shouldn’t go swimming during peak hours, but we will encourage you to wear protective swimwear if you do. And before you start having flashbacks to those dorky rash guards your mom used to make you wear, know that sleeved one-pieces are actually trendy right now. We’ll be rocking this fabulous one from Mott50 (with UPF, or ultraviolet protection factor) all summer long—and maybe with our big floppy hat.

pale summer beauty tips nails

Dress Up Your Nails

Fully embracing our paleness means finally quitting self-tanner (which we never really got the hang of anyway). Swipe one of these ultra-flattering shades on your nails for some color instead and rest easy knowing there's no need to sheepishly hide your bronze-stained cuticles anymore.

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