5 Products Beauty Maven Molly Sims Can't Live Without


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It’s hard to consider the Supermodel Era without reflecting on the poise and polish of southern-born beauty Molly Sims. Often recognized for her time on the runway for Victoria’s Secret and modeling for Sports Illustrated, the mother of three has since taken on new roles: beauty brand founder, podcast host and wellness advocate, to name a few. Now, Sims bares it all when it comes to the routine that makes her feel good, and look good while doing it. (Plus, Sims spills her #1 product she has been restocking since the runway days ...and it’s not what you would expect.) 

1. The Last Call Retinol Serum

“The biggest misunderstanding in the skincare industry is retinol,” Sims states. “I created The Last Call serum to be gentle enough that you can use it everyday. It’s cushioned,” Sims adds. At PureWow, we’re well versed in the importance of building a skincare routine that works and as Sims’ line attests, fewer and more efficient products tend to be the secret. 

2. CYKLAR Body Cream

“I am obsessed with Claudia Sulewski’s new moisturizer, it’s called CYKLAR. It’s a beautiful cream, and it comes in a gorgeous jar that’s reusable,” Sims shares. “I layer that with Michelle Pfeiffer’s perfume, Henry Rose – it’s a clean fragrance line, which I love.”

3. ISOPURE Protein Powder

“Every morning I make a smoothie. My recipe is pretty simple. I love the Isopure Vanilla flavor. If I’m making one for my husband or baking muffins with an extra protein boost, I’ll use the unflavored. For my smoothie though, I do a handful of blueberries, one chopped up date, almond milk, ice and that’s it...blend!” Sims shares. “Sometimes I’ll add chia seeds or flax seeds too.”

4. MAC Cosmetics Concealer

“I’ve been using this same little MAC concealer from when I had my makeup done on set for Vegas, like 20 years ago,” Sims confesses. “It has the best coverage, and is perfect for covering spots, or hyperpigmentation. I use shade NC35,” Sims tells us. Plus, this holy grail product is available in over 20 shades!

5. CopaCalm Drops

“A really underrated tip: CopaCalm is this magnesium blend that comes in a little dropper. It’s essential to my wellness routine,” Sims says. "I add the drops to my water, and always try to drink out of a straw. It's a simple trick that makes it easy to stay hydrated, which I'm all about," Sims says. An all natural blend that helps us relax and focus without passing out? Sign us up. 

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