This is the *Exact* Shade of Mandy Moore's Newly Blonde Hair (Plus, Her Thoughts on the Return of 2000s Beauty Trends)

Mandy Moore is excited for change. The new mother welcomed her first child with husband Taylor Goldsmith earlier this year, and she's celebrating this new chapter with a return to her (blonde) roots.

"I wanted to do something really drastic," she tells PureWow. "I'm a new mom, I'm on a hiatus from work for the summer, the world is slowly opening back up again and all of these things made me want to embrace change in other ways, too, so I decided to go blonde again, and I haven't been blonde in 15 years!," she adds, laughing. "I wanted something light and bright, which is what most of us are probably seeking after coming out of this dark tunnel we've all been living in for the last year."

Earlier this week, the actress lightened her locks herself (with some tips from her longtime hairstylist Nikki Lee) using Garnier's Nutrisse Hair Color in Almond Crème, which is a darker, natural blonde.

And as anyone with lighter hair knows, brass is the enemy, so to keep her locks shiny and bright, Moore uses Garnier's Fructis Plumping Treat + Watermelon Extract Shampoo and Conditioner, and adds in the brand's Color Reviver Mask in Cool Blonde to prevent any warm tones from creeping in.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Return Of Butterfly Clips And Other Y2k Trends?

While chatting with actress, we had to ask how she felt about all of the '90s and early 2000s beauty trends that are making a comeback on TikTok. (In case you forgot, Moore was a top pop star during the era.)

"Oh man, I think there are photos of me out there where I'm wearing literal Swarovski crystals glued down to my zig-zag part," she shares, before adding, "I'm happy I lived that life...and I'm happy that I don't have to revisit it. The kids can pull these trends off again, but it's maybe not for me at 37. We're done with that chapter. We did it."

What Is Something You Hope To Take With You On The Other Side Of Covid?

"I've realized just how important real connection and togetherness is," says Moore. "I know we've all been sort of glued to social media and connecting in those ways for a while now, but I feel like taking it offline a little is the healthier approach, and that's something that I want to try to do more of, especially now that the world is opening back up again. I want to make sure that I'm present and actually living these moments as they unfold and not just documenting them," she adds.

"Being able to see people and parts of the world again—and not just on the computer—will be an exciting addition to the next couple of months, and I'm really looking forward to it all."

Us too, Mandy, us too.

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