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Some characteristics of deep-set eyes: a strong brow bone all the way across and, as the name implies, eyes that are set further back in the socket. If this sounds like you, Nikki DeRoest, a celebrity makeup artist and founder and CEO of ROEN Beauty, has some time-honed tricks to bring out your peepers.

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tina fey eye shadow
Andrew Lipovsky/Getty Images

Focus on placement

"For deep-set eyes you want to focus your eye shadow right at the lash line and blend from there, stopping before you get to the crease of your eyelid," says DeRoest. "This will brighten up the area and bring everything forward."

halle berry shimmer eye shadow
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Try a pop of shimmer

"I also suggest using a light-reflective or shimmery shade in the crease to create more brightness," says DeRoest. Again, concentrate the color right along your lash line and don’t forget the inner corners, so you can really see the sparkle like Halle here.

jennifer aniston mascara
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Be smart about mascara

Long, defined lashes are flattering on any eye shape, but they’re especially important for deep-set eyes. We find that a curling and waterproof (or water-resistant) formula is your best bet to prevent any annoying smudges on your upper lids.

emma watson eye makeup
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Create a winged effect

For a more dramatic look, apply your eye shadow along the lash line and into the crease as you normally would, but bring out the outer thirds a bit to elongate the overall shape. Nikki recommends doing this with your eyes open and looking straight into the mirror to make sure the flick is just right.

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