Sweaty Workout Hair Is No Match for Living Proof’s Dry Shampoo

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Pre-quarantine, the lunchtime workout was reserved for the truly ambitious. It used to mean getting up in the middle of a workday, changing into leggings, schlepping to a class or the gym and then running back to work (practically a workout in itself). While experts say that a little bit of mid-day movement is good for our productivity, most of us would rather power through that 3 P.M. slump to leave work on time. And I was totally one of those people.

My workout of choice (back when I actually left my home) was always hot yoga or a spin class, both of which leave me looking a bit like a wet rat. If I was going to do either of those midday, I’d for sure need to wash my hair if I wanted to go out in public, let alone back to the office. Fast forward to month six of writing from my childhood bedroom, and I’ve become a reformed afternoon Pilates taker (it’s true what they say about productivity). Some sessions are sweatier than others, and while I take my subsequent meetings from Zoom with shotty Internet connection and semi-blurry video quality on my side, sometimes I still need to hide the fact that my hair is a sweaty mess.

The one product that saves me time and time again? Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. Now, I’ve been a fan of this formula for years, because it smells amazing and is just about the most high-tech dry shampoo on the market. But it wasn’t until recently that I fully appreciated its sweat-wicking powers.

If you don’t know, Living Proof was created by Ivy League MIT scientists, and one of the brand’s best-selling products is this very dry shampoo. It’s powered by the brand’s Triple-Action Cleaning Technology to not only absorb oil, but also actually clean the hair, effectively ridding it of sweat, dirt, oil and odor. At first spritz, the product does go on a bit white and chalky, but don’t panic if you try it and wind up looking like you’re going prematurely gray. The residue you see is just the fast-absorbing powders that help to soak up all the oil and sweat. The patented Healthy Hair molecule within the powder helps remove the residue from your hair—simply brush it or rubb it gently with a towel 30-seconds after application. Living Proof also suggests blasting your scalp with the cool setting on a blow dryer if you need further assistance (but I’ve never had to do that).

Then there are the odor neutralizers and time released fragrance, which keep my hair smelling clean for the entire day. And to be honest, it’s so effective at absorbing oil and sweat that I can sometimes go an extra day without washing my hair even after I work out. I also love that the formula is paraben-, phthalate-, silicone- and sulfate-free. And even though it’s super effective, it’s still gentle on strands—it can be used on chemically treated or colored hair without compromise. The only problem? I go through the 4-ounce can pretty quickly. But Living Proof just created a new jumbo 7.3-ounce can ($36) for this very problem.

I’m stocking up for the rest of quarantine (however long it may be) and beyond. Who knows, maybe I’ll even keep my new lunchtime workout habit when office life resumes.

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