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Whoever invented hot hair tools did not consider how miserable it would be to use a blow dryer when the temps outside are nearing 90 and the window AC unit is struggling to provide a breeze. Seriously, who actually enjoys stepping out of the shower, feeling fresh and clean, only to get sweaty again in mere moments as you attempt to achieve a frizz-free mane?

That thought has always made me question why cold hair tools aren’t a thing. Sure, I know my blow dryer has a cool setting, but it’s not like I use that for more than adding a finishing touch to my nearly perfect ‘do. Which is why I was so excited to get my hands on BaBylissPRO CryoCare The ColdBrush ($190). If I could describe this cool new tool in one sentence, I’d say that this magic brush has the ability to banish frizz by simply being run through your strands a few times.

So, how does it work? The center portion of the sleek silver brush is equipped with a Thermoelectric Cooler that’s able to reach zero degrees Celsius. Similar to cryotherapy, it’s the freezing cold that provides all the benefits. According to BaBylissPRO, 90 metal bristles use frigid temps to return moisture to the hair—often the type that’s zapped from your strands when using hot tools. I’d also liken it to the aforementioned cool setting on your blow dryer, which is commonly used to seal the hair follicle and give your locks a shiny finish.

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Dena Silver

In my honest opinion, the best part about this brush is that it can be used on wet, dry or dirty hair, depending on your needs. And the fact that it’s so easy to use. Simply treat the electric CryoCare tool as you would an OG brush—the only difference being that you should try to use smaller sections and repeat each between two to four times, to really reap all the cooling benefits.

I have rather thin hair, which makes this brush super manageable; I can make the sections of my hair larger and the brush works its magic within about two to three minutes. My mom also used this tool in her much thicker hair and wasn’t able to see results quite as quickly, but has still bragged to me about less overall frizz.

It’s seriously that simple. And while it hasn’t completely rendered the rest of my styling tools useless, this new addition to my arsenal uses super cold air to make the whole hair styling process (whether my locks are wet, dry or dirty) so much easier. Here are the three different ways I use it.

1. To Dry Wet Hair

After getting out of the shower, I apply hair serum as I usually would and then get to work with my electric brush. I simply drag it through the hair as usual, but I make sure to focus a bit more on the ends and the sections towards the back, where I get the most frizz. Then, I simply let it air dry. The outcome? My hair looks much sleeker than it usually does and could almost be mistaken for freshly blown-out hair. Score.

FYI: BaBylissPRO does recommend using the CryoCare brush on wet hair before any hot tools, and it definitely will give you one of the best at-home blowouts you’ve ever created, but you can be lazy like me and still reap the benefits.

2. To Smooth Dry Hair

The CryoCare brush can be used as a final styling touch before heading out the door, to treat any frizz that’s cropped up and add a boost of shine. Considering this takes just a few minutes, it’s a nice alternative to using a flat iron, especially for those who want to protect and maintain their color-treated hair.

3. To Revive Dirty Hair

I saved the best detail for last, because this brush has seriously helped me decrease my dry shampoo usage. I simply reach for it on days in-between shampoos and focus mostly on my roots. I make sure to create even smaller sections than I would when my hair is wet and run the CryoCare brush through each section four times (or more, depending on the morning). I find that after a few minutes, the greasy patches, which for me are usually just along my center part and the face-framing sections, look bouncy and clean, letting me forego dry shampoo—and all the buildup that comes with it—for at least another day.

BTW, I also showed the brush to my hairdresser (who is doing house calls due to Covid, god bless) and she was impressed by it. Noting that the cool blasts of air would flatten the cuticle, she was musing about buying a brush of her own to use on clients, after our convo. So yeah, even the actual pros are getting in on this new hair tool.

Bottom line: The CycroCare brush won’t totally replace your blow dryer, but it might be the easiest way to banish frizz—and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

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