Our Lashify Review: Are These At-Home Lash Extensions Worth It?

No more mascara raccoon eyes

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Dana Dickey

Like eye patches and facial devices, lash extensions were once occasional splurges that became essential to my grooming routine. While a monthly visit to a lash technician could cost me hundreds of dollars, it yielded fluttery cat lashes that stayed on for nearly a month so it was worth it to me. Then came the pandemic lockdowns, during which I couldn’t get my usual beauty treatments, so I tried an Instagram-famous product that promised equally fluttery lashes that were easy-to-apply at home and could be worn for days. Introducing Lashify and my review ahead.

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What is Lashify?

Lashify is a brand that makes DIY lash extension systems. Customers choose among a wide range of lash clusters, called Gossamer lashes, which are lightweight, flexible and designed to be easily applied by non-trained individuals at home. The Lashify system includes a set of Gossamer lashes, a special adhesive called “Whisper Light bond” that’s brushed on like mascara and a range of application tools. The process involves placing the Gossamer lashes underneath your natural lashes, rather than attaching them on top of your natural lash line like traditional false eyelashes. This technique is known as the "underlash" method.

Another key difference in the Lashify method is how customizable the system is. From an imperceptibly natural look to a heavy curtain of bat wing eyelashes, it’s all possible depending on the length, style, color and density of Gossamer lashes you choose, as well as the application method you use. It's worth noting that the application process may require some practice for best results. Lashify’s live Instagram tutorials—especially those led by company founder Sahara Lotti—and posters on the company’s robust Lashify Life Facebook community are helpful and entertaining resources.

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Dana Dickey

My Lashify Review


First piece of advice: Don’t indiscriminately click around the Lashify site if you’re a newbie—the wild variety of options can be confusing. Go straight for the Control Kit ($125), the gateway drug of what will likely turn into a beauty regimen addiction. It includes the basics for a lifetime of Lashify use—a case with a magnifying mirror, three sets of lashes (which worked out to more than a month’s worth of lashes for me), the curved wand and cover (aka the “wandom”) that you use to put the lashes on, a glue and a sealant. Additionally, there’s a sample vial of cleansing fluid—this is really important because clean lashes hold the bond way better—and a sample of melt away remover—which is useful for gently sliding off your Gossamers later.

The Application Process

The first thing you’ll notice when putting on the lashes is that they’re tiny. Rather than those full semi-circle strips that span the entire lid, these come in smaller clusters of 21 or so lashes, which requires you to place four to six of them end-to-end to cover the whole lid. The second thing I noticed was how fine the actual hairs and spine of the lashes are—they’re not named Gossamers for nothing.

After watching a few YouTube mini-lessons, I brushed on a coat of the Whisper Light bond (aka glue) and waited about 15 seconds for it to get tacky before picking up the mid-size lash (a size 14) with the curved metal wand and holding it up to the underside of my lashes, where it magically stayed in place. I followed with a slightly shorter lash (size 12) to the right and left of it, added another one to balance the line, and voila! I had one eye done. Then, I gently placed the curved wand over my entire lash line and did what’s called a “fuse”—that is, squeezing the entire lash line between the halves of the wand for a few seconds, squishing the thin fibers of the Gossamer lashes against the length of my bond-coated natural lashes to press them together. Finally, I coated the tops and bottoms of my new cat-eye look with Glass, a sealant that locks the lashes in, before repeating the steps on the other eye.

How Long Do Lashify Lashes Last?

My first few applications only lasted a couple days, whereas now that I’ve practiced, they’re lasting much longer. Now I get up to 10 days of wear from one application, as long as I remember not to sleep face down, get oily makeup on them or get them wet within 24 hours of applying. Lashify also has a stronger glue called Bondage, which I’ve since added to my arsenal because it has an even better hold, but I wouldn’t recommend it for first-time users since it’s less forgiving when you have to tweak the placement.

What is the Cost of Lashify?

The Control Kit ($125) has all the basics, though I highly recommend buying the Blow Speed Dryer ($7) to speed up the dry time. After you use the first three lash sets included in the kit (with 12 lashes per set), you’ll want to buy one or two more lash sets each month, for $20 to $25 apiece. Honestly, though, I would splurge on a few extra sets of lashes, like a set of pink Prismatics ($25) to stack underneath my usual lashes for a night out. Every few months, the brand introduces a new lash style that’s bolder or comes in a new shade, so it’s hard to resist spending at least $75 per month, but that’s still much less than what I’d spend getting extensions done at a salon.

Can You Shower with Lashify?

You can shower with Lashify lashes on, though it shouldn’t be the full-gonzo stream-of-water-in-the-face kind of shower. I had no issues with showering as long as I kept my face mostly dry and applied the glass sealer, which helps keep moisture out.

Is Lashify Better Than Lash Extensions?

Lashify isn’t better or worse than having lash extensions, it’s just different. While many women enjoy the one-and-done convenience of having a lash tech work their magic while they nap, I found the experience to be time consuming. Also, with extensions, I can’t change up my looks during the month the way I can with Lashify. The different lash shapes, varying thicknesses, lengths and colors of the Lashify Gossamers allow me to experiment with a doe-eyed placement one week, and a dramatic cat-eye look the next.

Is Lashify Worth It?

It may sound funny, but I actually enjoy the way that Lashify forces me to slow down in ways that my errand-laced, WFH schedule seems to leave little time for. Additionally, the Lashify Instagram page is a good time, and founder Lotti’s late-night chat sessions, where she shares everything from her latest lash inventions to rants about the imitators trying to dupe her products (don’t get her started…), is so entertaining and educational. She’s like my big sis showing me how to put on makeup for the first time. Most importantly, I really like the product! Lashify looks way more natural than false lashes and costs half as much as profesh lash extensions, while allowing a flexible and customizable experience. Frankly, I am pretty cheap when it comes to my beauty regimen, but Lashify is a worthy investment because it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake, no matter how little I've slept and I’m no longer walking around with mascara running down my cheeks.

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dana dickey

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Dana Dickey is a PureWow Senior Editor, and during more than a decade in digital media, she has scoped out and tested top products and services across the lifestyle space...