Paging All Millennials: Your Favorite Lip Gloss from Middle School is Back

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The year was 2000. Jennifer Lopez showed up at the Grammy's wearing the now-iconic Versace dress. Brad and Jen got married in Malibu (while Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie were hitched in Vegas). Beyoncé was still a Child of Destiny and N*Sync just dropped No Strings Attached. In short, it was a great time for pop culture and, um, life in general. 

It's hard to believe that 20 years have passed since then and though we can't turn back time, we can bring back a bit of nostalgia from that era thanks to Lancome's relaunch of their Juicy Tubes lipgloss

Yes, the super shiny, not too sticky, sometimes sparkly gloss of our youth is back in 20 new shades (an upgrade from the original eight). Pop the OG Clear Gloss in your back pocket or swipe one of the new hues like "Tickled Pink," which has a creamy finish or "Birthday Confetti," which is described as "a sheer pale pink with sparkling confetti glitter." And yes, we can confirm, the signature fruity flavors and scents are every bit as sweet as you remember.

Pick them up at Sephora and Lancome now and excuse us while we locate our butterfly clips. 

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