6 PureWow Staffers Tried Ilia's Skin Tint Serum to See If It Deserves the Hype

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Ilia Beauty is known for their clean and natural beauty products. As their about page states: “We believe in skin that looks like skin,” and if you are someone who appreciates the natural glow of simple and effortless beauty, the Super Serum Skin Tint will be up your alley. It comes in 30 (yes, 30) shades and you can take their quiz to find your best match.

The Benefits?

The serum, as you can guess, delivers a super lightweight coverage and is formulated with mineral SPF 40 to enhance its skincare benefits. On that note, it also features a blend of hyaluronic acid, plant based squalane and niacinamide to create a moisture barrier for your skin so you can lock in hydration for hours (bonus points).

We put this bestseller to the test to see if it truly lives up to its hype.

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jenny j
Jenny Jin

Jenny Jin, Beauty Director

Shade: Paloma ST9

How well does it match?

The shade definitely starts off a touch lighter than my actual skin tone. This isn't very noticeable on my cheeks and chin, but is a bit more pronounced on my forehead, which is a little darker than the rest of my face. That said, I like how easy it is to spread and blend. The coverage is pretty lightweight so if you're trying to soften dark circles or cover blemishes, you will need to use a concealer on top. Last but not least, it definitely leaves behind a dewy finish (which is great for me but worth noting for people who prefer a more matte finish).

Would you wear this every day?

I wouldn't wear it every day because I prefer just straight up sunscreen whenever possible. But on days where I want to look a bit more polished or I have an important meeting, I'd use it to even things out a bit.

Ali Brown

Ali Brown, Social Media Strategist

Shade: Tulum ST2

How well does it match?

The formula is so light, I love it. It looks like I’m not wearing anything in the best way. The serum goes on lighter than my skin but quickly adjusts to the right tone.

Would you wear it every day?

I wouldn’t wear it every day while working from home since it’s a little pricey for me. I definitely will wear it when I’m doing a full makeup look or just want a little coverage/SPF for an outdoor activity.

Chelsea Candelario

Chelsea Candelario, Assistant Editor

Shade: Ramla Bay ST12.5 and Kamari ST13

How well does it match?

When I received my serum, I was actually given two different shades. I tried the ST12.75 first because the ST13 seemed way too tan. After applying the first shade, I realized that it made me look super pale, so I added a drop of ST13 the next time. I realized that in order to get my exact match I had to actually mix both shades together. Thankfully, one drop of each is enough to get the job done without looking too pale or too dark—aka a happy medium. The serum felt too dewy at first, but after a few minutes on my skin, it just feels hydrating.

Would you wear it every day?

I'll be honest, I'm not used to doing minimal or dewy coverage when wearing foundation. It's definitely a new look for me. I don't like the shiny areas in my face, it just leaves me looking oily. However, I like how lightweight it feels on my skin and how it gives me that “no makeup-makeup” look. I also can see myself wearing this every day because I don't have to rely on a beauty blender or a brush to blend it in. A few drops and it covered my entire face.

aly o1
Aly Owens

Aly Owens, Director Of Social Strategy

Shade: Formosa ST4

How well does it match?

Honest answer: The shade I received was a bit too light and left a bit of a white cast if I applied it by itself (and also felt a bit thicker than what I'm used to). Hack: I started mixing the serum with my AM moisturizer and applying it together made a *huge* difference. It made the serum feel much lighter and spread more easily across my face. In short: I really like this serum for days I don't want to wear makeup (AKA every day since March 2020). I'd definitely invest in a darker shade to wear in the summer.

Would you wear it every day?

YES. Since the pandemic started, I've basically ditched my entire makeup routine. I switch between this serum and a tinted moisturizer on days that I feel like I need a little more coverage (but the serum gets bonus points for adding the perfect glow).

emily b
Emily Brozyna

Emily Brozyna, Audience Development Editor

Shade: Matira ST11

How well does it match?

Here I'm wearing a very light application of the ST11. I've tried both the ST10 and ST11, and lately I've been reaching for the ST11 more. At first glance, I thought it would be way too dark on me, but it's honestly magical how well it matches my skin once it’s blended in. I think it will match even better when I'm a bit tanner in the summer.

Would you wear it every day?

I see myself wearing this on work from home days all summer long—or when I'm going outside for walks. It's moisturizing, has a lightweight coverage and it has SPF, so I feel like it's doing good things for my skin (as opposed to wearing a heavy foundation that feels heavy and might clog my pores).

Roberta Fiorito

Roberta Fiorito, Senior Editor Of Branded Content & Cohost Of Royally Obsessed

Shade: Bom Bom, ST5

How well does it match?

I think the color looks a bit yellow when it first goes on, but then it blends into my natural skin tone seamlessly. The initial color isn't what I expected, but once you blend it enough, it feels very sheer and lightweight and doesn't leave any hard lines behind. It took quite a bit of blending to get it just right, but a tiny drop seemed to cover my whole face (which is another benefit because you can use just a little and it goes a long way).

Would you wear it every day?

I wouldn't wear this while WFH, only because I don't like to wear anything but the Ilia concealer when I don't leave the house. I would definitely wear this when I go outside and on the weekends since the SPF 40 is such a bonus. Plus, it feels very breathable and not too heavy in the hotter months.

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