Ilia's New Blue Light Mist Has So Many Benefits and My Hydrated Skin Proves It

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While your handy blue light glasses are protecting your eyes, what about the rest of your face? Blue light exposure is detrimental your skin by causing dark spots and contributing to aging. We are constantly being exposed to blue light, and the heightened screen time in front of our computers and cell phones over the past year is adding to it.

Luckily, Ilia just launched Blue Light Mist, a three-in-one spray that protects your skin while protecting your makeup. This formula blocks blue light and other environmental pollutants from harming your skin—all while setting your makeup. I prefer to use versatile setting sprays that offer a second or third benefit and this one from Ilia is my current favorite considering the insane amount of screen time my skin has endured. I have been a WFH employee for two years now and am elated to finally have a product to guard my face from blue light—it definitely deserves a space in your beauty collection, too.

Ilia Beauty is committed to creating clean beauty products that offer skincare benefits and, as a result, has become one of the most trusted brands in the industry to achieve that level of results-oriented efficiency. The effects of this skin mist don't take long to notice—from the immediate hydration to the gentle but effective blue light protection, my skin is already reaping the many benefits from this spray.

The formula of the mist has three active ingredients including marine actives, mastic and tara extract—all of which are clean and gentle on the skin. I haven't worn very much makeup over the past year, but I love spritzing this on in the morning before work and reapplying for a refreshing glow mid-afternoon. Switching your day-to-day products over to clean and non-toxic brands can take some time, but Ilia is my favorite company to turn to for the basics because products like this with unmatched versatility. 

But don't take my word for the quality of the Blue Light Mist, many other Ilia customers are also loving it. Stephanie T. is all for the new product and says, "The idea of blue light protection baked into a skincare product really struck me. The formula is cooling, hydrating, and very refreshing! I'm somewhat sensitive to essential oils in skincare but this mist didn't upset my skin whatsoever."

Another reviewer, Jacqueline, is obsessing the makeup setting qualities, "Finding a good mist is always a challenge for me. My skin has been super dry lately and this mist is so refreshing and smells so soothing like a spa (faint lavender scent but not too much) on my skin! This mist is also a great setting spray that keeps my makeup in tact all day which is a huge win for me!"

If you are in the market for some extra skin protection—aside from your daily SPF—this multifunctional mist may be the answer you're looking for.

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