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Why You Should Bring Back This 90s Beauty Staple (Plus, 3 Ways to Use It Now)
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

People of a certain age will remember the craze that was MAC Spice lip liner. Vivid images of Victoria Beckham (back when she was still known to everyone as “Posh”) and J.Lo (in peak “Waiting for Tonight” glory) come to mind. Alas, like the frosted gloss we wore before it, we moved on from lip liner.

Until recently that is, when we noticed that many of our favorite makeup artists were breaking out their pencils again. And you know, they’re actually very versatile (and flattering) when used correctly.

3 Ways to Wear Lip Liner

1. As a base: Line and fill in lips completely before layering on lipstick so that you get longer lasting wear. Or, skip lipstick altogether and top off your liner with a slick of gloss instead.

2. To clean up the edges: Accidentally go outside the lines with your lipstick? A few dashes of liner can neaten things up without having to start from scratch.

3. For precise touch-ups: You know that annoying center part of your lips that always wears off first? Grab the liner to color on a protective layer in just that spot without disrupting the rest.

To try: NYX ($3); Buxom ($18); Thrive Causemetics ($20)

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