The Painless Way to Remove Band-Aid Gunk from Your Skin

Sticky situation solved

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You finally found a Band-Aid that doesn’t fall off in your shoe (or shower), but it always leaves behind a grubby little ring of glue. You could scrub at it until it comes off--but ouch. Or you could try this super-easy trick that will leave your epidermis intact.

What you need: A bottle of nail polish remover (avoid non-acetone formulas), a bag of cotton balls and body lotion.

What you do: Douse a cotton ball with remover and let it sit on the sticky spot for a minute before gently rubbing off the residue. Rinse off any excess remover and rub moisturizer on top, as it can be drying to your skin. Oh, and don’t try this if you still have an open or sensitive wound.

Why it works: Most nail polish removers contain acetone, a chemical solvent that, in addition to dissolving polish, breaks down common glues and adhesives.

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