We recently showed you ten genius tips for organizing your vanity. Well, we’ve found a few more that will help keep your home clutter free. Get to it, you organizing fiend, you.

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The problem: Too many hair products

The solution: Wine rack

How you ended up with three cans of hairspray and four cans of mousse, you’ll never know. But the easiest way to keep them in order is to stack them vertically on a tabletop wine rack.

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The problem: Too many hair tools

The solution: Stackable bins

The same logic applies when you're dealing with awkwardly shaped tools like blow dryers and curling irons. This stackable bin has a heat-resistant cup for your tools and compartments for your other hair necessities like brushes, clips and combs.

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The problem: Too many eyeshadows

The solution: An ice cube tray

Got a load of single eyeshadows (or other miscellaneous small items like pots of blush, highlighter or lip balm)? Drop them into an ice cube tray, which will keep everything sorted in their own slots and are easy to wipe down.

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The problem: Rogue nail polishes

The solution: Cookie jar

Instead of hiding them in a drawer or banishing them to a box, put all of your fancy polishes in a see-through cookie jar so you can easily spot the color you want to use next.

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The problem: Cluttered cabinets

The solution: A lazy Susan

Always rooting around your bathroom cabinets for your contact solution? And toothpaste? Store your daily essentials on a lazy Susan for maximum visibility and access to whatever you're looking for with a flick of the wrist.

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The problem: Not enough counter space

The solution: An over-the-door rack

You’ve put all your stuff in its proper container…but you’ve got zero counter space left to display it. Slot them into an over-the-door organizer so they're out of the way but always at the ready.

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The problem: Not enough storage space

The solution: A 3-tier rolling cart

If you're tight on space, try placing any infrequently used (or new) products on a tiered cart that you can quickly roll in and out of a room or closet as needed. Bonus points if you organize each shelf by product category.

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