Here’s How to Curl Straight Lashes (So They Actually Stay Up)

Calling our fellow straight-lashed friends: Here is your step-by-step guide to curling your fringe and making it last. 

What you need: The right mascara (we recommend a waterproof or fiber formula), a good curler, sound strategy and a prayer—just kidding on the last part. 

What you do: Start by holding the curler at the base of your lashes and pressing down gently for three to five seconds. Repeat this step, moving your way up the lash until you reach the tip. (We usually do this in three to four sections depending on the length of your lashes.) Next, load up your mascara wand and wiggle it through your lashes from base to tip. (We recommend no more than two coats to prevent clumps.) Finally—and this is the most important step—curl your lashes one more time, using the same process as before. 

Why this works: The technique ensures that you're curling straight hairs into a curved, more natural-looking shape (as opposed to a bent one). Plus, waterproof and fiber mascaras tend to be lighter and have a drier consistency so they don't add extra weight to your lashes. And finally, the extra curl at the end sets everything in place.

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