Tried and True: This Is the Best Eyelash Curler for Straight Lashes

After many years of searching for an eyelash curler that doesn't pinch our skin and actually fits our eyes (which are almond-shaped and mono-lidded, in case you were wondering), we've finally found the one: Troy Surratt's Relevée Lash Curler

On first glance, this thing is a work of art. Crafted in Japan with a minimalist design and matte black finish, it made us wonder why most other lash curlers are some garish shade of metallic. Of course, style would be nothing without substance, and thankfully, this curler delivers the latter in spades.

With a wider opening and slighter curve or arc to it than previous curlers we've used, we were able to comfortably reach the base of our lashes without accidentally pinching skin or missing entire sections of hair. You know that dreaded 90-degree, L-shape crimp that some curlers leave behind? Not with this guy. Instead, it lifts and curves our stick-straight hairs evenly throughout—from inner to outer corner.

Another thing we noticed: The finger loops are larger that most, which makes a surprising difference in your curling experience. We found that having a bit more, shall we say, wiggle room gave us a steadier hand.

Bottom line: If you've been disappointed (or pinched) by eyelash curlers before, give this one a try—especially if you have almond, hooded or deep-set eyes (and stubbornly straight eyelashes). 

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